This is the weekend that starts it all. You can see the increase of cars, the Stop & Shop is crowded no matter what hour you go, the college kids have arrived looking for jobs and I saw the Jamaican ladies walking into town. So the season has begun.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Rhanna DeOliveira and Shannon Levesque who celebrated their day May 16; Elliot Ferland, May 17; James Cleary, Amelia Craig, Lukas Fenske and Erin Hegarty who all celebrated May 20; and to Kim Hanna who celebrated her day May 21.

Special wishes go out to Eve Domont who celebrated her day last week, Stuart Fuller who celebrated his day May 19, Janette Andrews on May 20, and to Janice Donaroma who celebrates her day today May 22.

The lilies of the valley and lilacs are blooming which to me is a reminder that the schools will be going to Memorial Wharf today (Friday) to pay tribute to our veterans.

I got a call from Corrine Hatt and she told me that she will be sitting at the post office on June 2 and 3. She will be there to take donations for the Relay for Life which will be on June 5 at the high school track field. She is looking forward to seeing all her friends and old customers from when she was behind the counter at the post office.

There is an update on the duck adventure that happened a few weeks ago and Marilyn Scheerbaum rescued some eggs. They were taken to Rosemary and Glenn Jackson’s farm and were put under a brooding hen. There were six eggs and I am happy to report that four of the six eggs hatched. So the story has a happy ending and babies and mama chicken are all doing well.

I also got a call from Jan Norton who told me that her goose Ethel had hatched two of her three eggs she was sitting on. Ethel’s mate Archie, who was at least 20 years old, unfortunately had to be put to sleep a few weeks ago, but his legacy lives on.

Congratulations to Renee Clermont who is a student at the Landscape Institute of Harvard. She, obviously, is studying landscaping and for the past three semesters has been on the dean’s list. She is awaiting her marks from this last semester but I am sure she did well.

The Animal Shelter is moving right along. They now have a couple of animals and one of them up for adoption is a neutered declawed male who they have named Sloan. About nine years old, Sloan is either a Siamese or Himalayan cross with beautiful blue eyes. He is tan with a striped tail. He is kind of shy, but he loves to be patted and should be an only cat as he is not fond of other animals but would make someone a great companion. So stop by the shelter and take a peek.

I received an e-mail about remembering what Memorial Day was all about so I thought this line would be appropriate as we go into the weekend: “Our military heroes gave up all their tomorrows so that we could have ours.” So please remember those men and women this weekend while you are at the beach or having barbecues with your family.

Have a great week, and keep the home candles burning.