Sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Thomas Battiste of Cape Breton who passed away on Tuesday following a brief illness. Tom, a graduate of Harvard University, had worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington, D.C., and was part of the original team sent to Aquinnah to assist with our federal acknowledgement process. His professionalism and efforts made it possible for our tribe to become acknowledged in 1987.

Tom and his wife, Sue, then moved to Aquinnah where he became the first Tribal Administrator and taught everyone who really wanted to learn how to administer a tribal government from the ground up. His encouragement and organizational ethics were taken seriously by the staff. During his tenure in Aquinnah, Tom became a friend to many of the families and enjoyed our community. He always enjoyed a round of horseshoes with Carl and Don Widdiss over at Ronnie Jeffers’ home or at the home of Gladys Widdiss. He also enjoyed entertaining many of us at the Harvard Club in Boston or an equally intellectually fun afternoon at Pete’s Pub near Fanueil Hall. Following his seven years in Aquinnah, he became the director and administrator at the North American Indian Center in Boston. Tom and Sue had recently moved back to his ancestral home in Cape Breton. Sue worked for the Visiting Nurses and was a favorite across the Vineyard, and then went on to work for the visiting nurses in Boston.

Condolences to the family and many friends of Nancy Richards who was a former coworker of many of us at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for decades. Her late husband, Stan, and Nancy would enjoy Aquinnah every Sunday morning during the summer for their neighborly brunches with family and friends.

Av and Dora Morrow have arrived at DoraLu Manor for a brief stay before their summer season of family and friends begins.

Seth and Megan Woods and their children were at their new Aquinnah home on Sunset Way for the holiday weekend.

Our Manning homestead on Lighthouse Road will be demolished next week. It is a once-stately home that has weathered many a storm over the past 82 years on top of the hill. It holds a lot of fond memories for the six generations who have shared our home, and we have a lot of sentiment for the many treasures that have been cared for there over the years. By the end of next month, there will be two new modular homes on our family property, and the birth of the next 82 years of cherished memories to carry on.

Thank you to Arthur and Priscilla (West) Dickson for their dedication in placing the flags at the North Cemetery in Aquinnah for Memorial Day, a tradition they have carried out together for many years which illustrates our patriotism that has been evident throughout our community.

Thank you to Anna Medeiros Duart who sold poppies for the American Legion for her 16th year. All donations for the poppies assist those who are recovering in Veterans Administration hospitals.

Happy 25th anniversary wishes to Paul and Sylvie Vandal as they celebrated on May 26.

Happy 27th anniversary wishes to Michael and Eleanor Hebert as they celebrate on May 29.

Happy second anniversary wishes to Isaac and Noli Taylor as they celebrate on June 2.

Happy second anniversary wishes to Richard and Jennifer Randolph on June 2.

Happy 62nd anniversary wishes to Av and Dora Morrow as they celebrate their special day on June 3.

Belated happy birthday wishes to Bridget Tobin as she celebrated on May 22. Maureen Dolby Stanus celebrated a major milestone on May 22. Jailynn Hill celebrated her 10th birthday on May 22. Mia Rae Jeffers celebrated being six years old on May 23.

A very special happy 85th birthday wish to Kay Manning, our down-Island cousin as she celebrated on May 24.

Jon Mayhew partied on May 24 and shared the day with Nicholas Wallen. Janis Vogel celebrated on May 25 as did Stephanie White.

Marsha Shufrin celebrated on May 26 and shared the day with Joshua Rogers.

Happy first birthday wishes to Kayden Keith Devine as he enjoyed his day on May 27. John Kozboski partied on May 27. Russell Peters celebrated on May 28 and shared the day with Joanne Vanderhoop Robey, Wenonah Madison and Christy Duarte.

Nancy Carlton Benoit parties today, May 29 and shares the day with Michael Francis. Michael Gilman will party on May 30. Roxane Ackerman parties on May 31. Jasmine Devine will be 15 on May 31.

June Rosebud Vanderhoop will party on June 1. Janette Galbraith, Emily Vanderhoop, Jason Widdiss and Lea Bassett all share the day on June 4.