One week of a reprieve before my family home is torn down. Thanks for the additional time. It is terribly difficult to part with some of the treasures of several generations. But, everyone keeps saying “think positive” and look forward to the new beginnings for one and all. In the meantime, it is a rather bittersweet experience clearing out the only home I have really ever known for the past six decades, after probably living in nearly a hundred different houses. Oh, the memories ...

Garth Edwards and his wife, Ollie, arrived for their 42nd summer on the hill at Wauwompauque. They were most delighted to finally see ospreys at their pole, which was placed in their front yard about 15 years ago; they were informed by Gus BenDavid to wait, and wait they did, and the osprey finally arrived. Garth and Ollie will be entertaining family and friends throughout the summer and will look forward to their 70th anniversary this season.

Breakfast at the new Menemsha Café on Thursday morning was a treat. Not only did I enjoy the company of Bert Fischer and his son Chris, but also the great staff. TheCafé is tastefully decorated with artwork and the finest furnishings. The menu includes fresh eggs from many of the local farms and Bert’s chickens are part of the supply for the Café. Many delicious and nutritious treats on the menu for the healthy choices we must sometimes make in our dining.

Condolences to the family and friends of Geraldine Averill who passed away this week at Windemere following a long illness.

Sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Lorna Tilton Flanders who passed away on Tuesday. Services were held on Wednesday at Abel’s Hill. She will be missed by her extended family and many friends across the Vineyard.

Harry Ricciardi has been at his family home in Aquinnah since January and is working for Gannon and Benjamin at the shipyard. On occasion, we see each other on the VTA bus. Jake Ricciardi and his friend Cheryl have been at the family home for the past week. Jake graduated from Brown University two weeks ago and now he and Cheryl will be moving to Georgetown where they will be employed in Washington, D.C.

Saturday morning I received a totally unexpected telephone call from a classmate of mine from Pleasantville, N.Y. where I attended four years of my education before returning to the Vineyard. Anne Valentine telephoned from West Tisbury, where she and her husband where the guests at the home of fellow classmate Sara Rosenthal, M.D. Although we have not seen nor spoken with each other for 48 years, it was as if Anne and I had not seen each other for only a week. We have vowed to meet on her next trip to the Vineyard and in the meantime, she reads my column and that of Sara’s former neighbor, John Alley, and thus knows what is happening.

Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard is still looking for vendors for their outdoor Flea Market to be held on Saturday, June 27 at Dennis Alley Park which was formerly Waban Park. It will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you would like to download an application for the flea market, go to www.hospiceofmv.org. You may also call the Hospice office at 508-693-0189.

Great news for up-Islanders, the Chilmark Church will be sponsoring Lobster Rolls on Tuesday nights throughout the summer. They will be starting up on June 16 and will keep you posted but mark your calendars for Tuesdays at the Chilmark Church.

Happy 16th anniversary wishes to Captain Brian (“Chip”) and Elaine Diotima Vanderhoop as they celebrate on June 5.

Happy 32nd anniversary wishes to Marvin and Janie (Bankoff) Popkin on June 5.

Happy 57th anniversary wishes to Captain Robert E. and Ernestine (Rose) Kinnecom as they celebrate on June 7.

Happy 2nd anniversary wishes to Michael and Melissa (Vanderhoop) Abrams on June 9.

Happy 15th anniversary wishes to Edwin J. and Patricia (Paiva) Vanderhoop on June 11.

Happy birthday wishes this week to George Baird as he parties today. Barbara Conroy will celebrate on June 6 and shares the day with Tom Fantasia and Dr. Michael A. Drew.

Sarah Saltonstall and Mark Harding share the day on June 8.

Michael J. Fox will celebrate his special day on June 9 and shares the day with Kenneth A. Rose, Ernestine Kinnecom and Meaghan Jeffers.

Carl M. Widdiss will celebrate his special day on June 10 and will assuredly be as elusive as possible. Aquinnah Hill will be 11 years old on June 10. Barry M. Milavsky will party on June 11. Ted Cammann and Jennifer (Caton) Randolph share the day on June 12 along with Deborah (Lobb) Athearn.