Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School held their honors night yesterday at 7 p.m. at the performing arts center with principal Stephen Nixon announcing the following awards:

Art: Excellence in drawing and painting, Lauren Petkus; excellence in photography and graphics, Raymond Ewing; excellence in 3d design and architecture, Douglas Fraser and Clarissa Murphy; excellence in crafts and sculpture, Brianna Buchanan.

Business: Excellence in accounting, Taylor Chisholm; outstanding business student, Liam McCarthy and Benjamin Syslo; department award, Sarah Jean Flanders.

Computers: Excellence in advanced computer applications I, Kunal Datta; excellence in advanced computer applications II, Douglas Fraser; excellence in computer programming, Hudson Klebs; excellence in computer graphics I, Connal Wortmann; excellence in computer graphics II, James Lawson.

English: Excellence in English grade nine, Eva Faber, Conor Smith and Anna Yukevich; excellence in English grade 10, Mary Harrington, Sarah Johnson and Heather White; excellence in English grade 11, Micah Agnoli, Dylan McCarthy and Tessa Permar; excellence in English grade 12, Kimberly Carlomagno, Katharine Clarke and Bethany Pennington; John D. Morelli Award for Excellence in English, Eliza Gowell; New England Scholastic Press Association Special Achievement Awards: Chelsea Counsell, Janelle Fortes, Eliza Gowell, Sophie Lew, Kayla Montambault and Taylor Stone.

Foreign Languages: Excellence in French, Rodrigo Fernandes; excellence in German, John Murray; excellence in Portuguese, Mariah HallBilsback; excellence in Spanish, Andrew McHugh.

Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Awards: Award for leadership in Spanish, Whitney O’Brien; award for excellence in Spanish IV, Margaretta Hehre; award for excellence in French IV Honors, Eleanor Hehre; award for excellence in French AP, Eliza Gowell; award for excellence in German, Anna Yukevich; Award for excellence in Portuguese, Tessa Permar.

U.S. History I: Creativity, Riley Donegan; consistent effort, Emma HallBilsback; most hard working, EmmaJean Holley; outstanding history student, William Stewart.

U.S. History Juniors: Most hard working, Andrew McHugh; outstanding history student, Dylan McCarthy.

Global Studies Grade 10: Creativity, Alicia Oliveira; consistent effort, William Anderson; most hard working, Kira Shipway; outstanding history student, Rebecca Tilton.

AP U.S. History: Consistent effort, Michael Kendall.

AP Modern European History: Consistent work of excellence, Bethany Pennington.

AP World History: Consistent work of excellence, Benjamin Hopkins.

Math: Excellence in algebra I, Mariane Quintao; excellence in Algebra II, Tessa Permar; excellence in geometry, Emma Forbes; excellence in pre-calculus, Thomas Fantasia; excellence in honors math I, Cerina Gordon; excellence in honors math II, Douglas Fraser; excellence in honors math III, Shaelah Huntington; excellence in AP calculus, Becker Awqatty; excellence in AP statistics, Haley Koorse; leadership award, Loren Gibson.

Performing Arts: Excellence in band, Eleanor Hehre and Margaretta Hehre; excellence in chorus, Thomas Fantasia; excellence in orchestra, Bethany Pennington and Willoughby Smith; excellence in acting, Katharine Clarke and Daniel Cuff; excellence in choreography, Tessa Permar; excellence in directing, Ashley Willoughby; technical excellence, Chad Curtis and Maxwell Martin; Professor Novack’s Where The Heck Did That Come From Award, Kristen Parece; department award, Joshua Crowther; department service award, Mariah Mackenzie and Emily Mercier.

Physical Education: Outstanding achievement in physical education, grade nine, Allison McAndrews, Conor Smith, William Stewart and Anna Yukevich; grade 10, Christopher Costello, Ashley Girard, Zachary Lammie and Kristen Parece; grade 11, Marta Azzollini, Max Conley, Gail Herman and Grant McCarthy; grade 12, Phebe Bates, Thomas Fantasia, Mariah HallBilsback and Daryl Kaeka.

Science: Excellence in earth science, Jesse Thomas; excellence in biology, Kira Shipway; excellence in AP biology, Kimberly Carlomagno; excellence in chemistry, Tessa Permar; excellence in AP chemistry, Ryan Marinelli; excellence in physics, Hayley Pierce; excellence in AP physics, Conor Lodge.

Vocational Department Awards (presented by Jeff Rothwell): Excellence in culinary arts, Emily Smith; excellence in building trades, Trey Rasmussen; excellence in automotive, James MacKenty; excellence in landscape/horticulture, Nicholas Henderson and Tyson Landers; excellence in early education and child care, Laiana Almeida; career and technical education student of the year, Emily Smith.

National Honor Society Spring Inductees: Juniors: Andora Aquino, Marta Azzollini, Katherine Cecilio, Christopher Davies, Augusta Dillon, Ashley Drake, Margaret Howard, Nicholas Jerome, Abigail Larsen, Savannah Lawson, Donald Persson, Solvig Sayre and Taylor Smith.

National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation: Mariah HallBilsback, Ryan Marinelli and Andrew McHugh.

Book Awards: Harvard College Book Club Award, Shaelah Huntington; Brown University Book Award, Tessa Permar; Smith College Book Award, Julie Pringle; Dartmouth College Book Award, Hayley Pierce; St. Michael’s College Book Award, Brianna Buchanan and Jacob Ferry; Mount Holyoke Book Award, Chelsea Counsell; Williams College Book Award, Gail Herman; Regis College Book Award, Michael Kendall; Wellesley College Book Award, Olivia Gross; Wheaton College Book Award, Haley Rossi; Wheelock College Book Award, Solvig Sayre; New England Technical Book Award, Jason Schwab.

Top Twenty in the Class of 2009: Bethany Pennington, Haley Koorse, Kimberly Carlomagno, Loren Gibson, Eliza Gowell, Laura Jernegan, Andrew McHugh, Sophie Lew, Ana Carvalho, Ryan Marinelli, Mariah HallBilsback, Cristina Wiley, Alexia Schroeder, Hilary Dreyer, Margaretta Hehre, Conor Lodge, Emma Frizzell, Whitney O’Brien, Samuel Larsen, Eliza Greene and Mark Reppert.

Class Essayist: Kimberly Carlomagno

Salutatorian: Haley Koorse

Valedictorian: Bethany Pennington


President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence: Becker Awqatty, Kimberly Carlomagno, Ana Carvalho, Caitlin Cassiani, Hilary Dreyer, Christopher Ewing, Kelly Felder, Emma Frizzell, Loren Gibson, Eliza Gowell, Eliza Greene, Mariah HallBilsback, Eleanor Hehre, Margaretta Hehre, Benjamin Hopkins, Emma Lee Iversen, Laura Jernegan, Ana Cristina Jurczyk, Haley Koorse, Samuel Larsen, Sophie Lew, Conor Lodge, Ryan Marinelli, Andrew McHugh, Emily Mercier, Cayla Morris, Diana Nash, Whitney O’Brien, Liam O’Callaghan, Bethany Pennington, Zachary Rabin, Mark Reppert, Anastasia Sargent, Emilija Schreck, Alexia Schroeder, Tye Stien, Jess Swaringen, Christian Walter, Cristina Wiley and Elizabeth Wilson.

President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement: Jaime-Lynn Billings, Conor Boland, Chelsea Brennan, Julio Bueno, Katharine Clarke, Paula Corts, Justice DeGregorio, Ryan Dwane, Raymond Ewing, Sarah Jean Flanders, Danielle Fogg, Gus Hayes, Emily Hines, Phuong-Lan Ho, Mac Hoggan, Nathan Hurwitz, Connor Johnson, Daniel Kaeka, Jonathan Lucas, Benjamin Luckey, Sasha Martin, Michael McCarthy, Nicole Mercier, Will Monast, Kayla Montambault, John Murray, Maxwell Nunes, Alexander Poole, Michael Sellitti, Ian Shay, Willoughby Smith, Taylor Stone, James Todd, Frank Williams, Nikolaj Wojtkielo and Connal Wortmann.

Citizenship Award: Emily Alosso, Paul Bagnall, Jaime-Lynn Billings, Allen Birol, Cody Brewer, Kimberly Carlomagno, Ana Carvalho, Katharine Clarke, Paula Corts, Matthew Costello, Chad Curtis, Hilary Dreyer, Ryan Dwane, Christopher Ewing, Thomas Fantasia, Rodrigo Fernandes, Izaylla Ferreira, Sarah Jean Flanders, Danielle Fogg, Loren Gibson, Eliza Gowell, Eliza Greene, Alexia Schroeder, Mariah HallBilsback, Eleanor Hehre, Margaretta Hehre, Phoebe Hersh, Emily Hines, Phuong-Lan Ho, Benjamin Hopkins, Emma Lee Iversen, Laura Jernegan, Ana Cristina Jurczyk, Daryl Kaeka, Justin Kane, Haley Koorse, Amanda Kram, Samuel Larsen, Sophie Lew, Conor Lodge, Jonathan Lucas, Zachary Maciel, James MacKenty, Maxwell Martin, Andrew McHugh, Emily Mercier, Nicole Mercier, Kia Minor, Will Monast,Kayla Montambault, Cayla Morris, Maxwell Nunes, Whitney O’Brien, Robert Osmers, Bethany Pennington, Lauren Petkus, Jerome Pikor, Zachary Rabin, William Reagan, Mark Reppert, Anastasia Sargent, Michael Sellitti, Amy Sertl, Maya Sharp, Willoughby Smith, Tye Stien, Taylor Stone, James Todd, Christian Walter, Cristina Wiley, Frank Williams, Ashley Willoughby, Elizabeth Wilson and Connal Wortmann.

Consistent Achievement in Honor Roll Status for the First Three Quarters:

Seniors, high honors: Kimberly Carlomagno, Loren Gibson, Haley Koorse and Bethany Pennington.

Seniors, honors: Jaime-Lynn Billings, Ana Carvalho, Katharine Clarke, Hilary Dreyer, Emma Frizzell, Eliza Gowell, Mariah HallBilsback, Eleanor Hehre, Margaretta Hehre, Phuong-Lan Ho, Mac Hoggan, Laura Jernegan, Ana Cristina Jurczyk, Daniel Kaeka, Daryl Kaeka, Samuel Larsen, Sophie Lew, Conor Lodge, Jonathan Lucas, James MacKenty, Ryan Marinelli, Andrew McHugh, Cayla Morris, Diana Nash, Whitney O’Brien, Zachary Rabin, Mark Reppert, Alexia Schroeder, Tye Stien, Taylor Stone, Jess Swaringen, Frank Williams and Elizabeth Wilson.

Juniors, high honors: Shaelah Huntington and Meghan Pettit.

Juniors, honors: Micah Agnoli, Andora Aquino, Joshua Baker, Brianna Buchanan, Alexander Case, Katherine Cecilio, Taylor Chisholm, Max Conley, Chelsea Counsell, Ashley Drake, Abigail Entner, Olivia Gross, Sarah Hall, Steven Handy, Patrick Hart, Anna Hayes, Gail Herman, Katharine Hines, Michael Kendall, Melanie Krauss, Abigail Larsen, Dylan McCarthy, Teanna Montoya, Leah Pachico, Tessa Permar, Taylor Perrotta, Lonni Phillips, Julie Pringle, Julia Sadowski, Naomi Scott, Benjamin Syslo, Grace Vanderhoop.

Sophomores, high honors: Sarah Johnson and Amelia Pennington.

Sophomores, honors: Amoy Anderson, William Anderson, Cole Bilodeau, Olivia Cameron, Benjamin Ciciora, Molly Ciciora, Camila Fernandez, Molly Fischer, Jesse Fogg, Emma Forbes, Douglas Fraser, Erin Gosson, Olivia Higham, Mary-Louise Howell, Kayla Johnson, Sarah Kadison, Jessica Kelleher, Hudson Klebs, Emily Lowe, Mariah Mackenzie, Jill McHugh, Courtney Minnehan, Tara Morris, Alicia Oliveira, Naomi Pallas, Kristen Parece, Jillian Sedlier, Kira Shipway, Rebecca Tilton, Heather White and Anna Yuen.

Freshmen, high honors: Riley Donegan, Eva Faber, Maya Harcourt, William Stewart and Anna Yukevich.

Freshmen, honors: Korrine Altieri, Tyler Araujo, Della Burke, Ambika Datta, Shelby Ferry, Oliver Filley, Calladine Fiore, William Fligor, Kevin Galligan, Cerina Gordon, Emma HallBilsback, April Hargy, EmmaJean Holley, Christine Janak, Elke Klein, Allison McAndrews, Meghan McHugh, Celia Mercier, Michael Montanile, Maxwell Moreis, Christopher Morris, Courtney Mussell, Alyssa Patterson, Christopher Pitt, Mariane Quintao, Shivonne Schofield, Caitlin Serpa, Conor Smith, Kara Steigelman, Jesse Thomas, Amalie Tinus, John Tripp, Liam Wallace, Xiaoli Wen and Sarah Williston.