Vineyard companies Eco MV, Big Sky Tent and Party Rentals and Allied Waste are working together to make hosting green events on Martha’s Vineyard more accessible, affordable and sustainable. The Vineyard is one of the country’s most popular destination wedding locations, with thousands of visitors coming to the Island each year specifically for weddings. The demand for green events, including green weddings, is on the rise, and Eco MV, Big Sky and Allied Waste have pooled their expertise to provide new innovative solutions.

“With zero-waste weddings and events, you create a new approach to traditional hallmarks, but you don’t sacrifice quality,” explained Eco MV founder Mark Martin. “And while zero-waste events are more sustainable in terms of the environment, they also give the hosts and guests a truly inspiring and special experience.”

To make this vision a reality, Eco MV supplies tableware, flatware and dishware made from sustainably produced bamboo and other biodegradable materials. Big Sky works these materials into the setting they develop along with furnishings and other elements. Allied Waste ensures that the waste from each event is recycled or disposed of in the most responsible manner.

The consortium is available to work directly with brides and grooms, event planners and private party hosts to ensure that their expectations are met through environmentally responsible solutions. Eco-friendly gift bags and favors can also be designed to add a finishing touch to the event.