Friday, July 10: Clear, sunny. A light southwest wind in the afternoon. High speed boats round East Chop and head toward Oak Bluffs. Excellent visibility. The wind lightens. Calm before sunset. Not a puff of air after sunset. Lagoon Pond is flat calm and reflects the warm colorful tapestry of the setting sun.

Saturday, July 11: Clear and sunny. Morning automobile accident on Edgartown-West Tisbury Road, shuts down the road, early. Bicyclists speed along the dusty bike path in the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest. Light breeze in the forest under blue skies. A couple take a walk in Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary in the afternoon. The last of the season’s rosa rugosa are in bloom on a north shore beach. High flying clouds increase over the Elizabeth Islands.

Sunday, July 12: Rainy overnight. Heavy shower. Bright sunny morning in Oak Bluffs. Churchgoers arrive leisurely at Union Chapel for morning service. Dog walkers take their stroll along Circuit avenue. The air is Canadian, dry. Low humidity. The afternoon breeze picks up. Vineyard Haven outer harbor water sparkles in the late afternoon sun.

Monday, July 13: Edgartown Lighthouse beach attracts early morning fishermen. The beach is turned over to bathers by midmorning. Bright sunshine. Temperature in the mid-70s throughout the afternoon.

Tuesday, July 14: Mostly sunny. Beach umbrellas line the Oak Bluffs Beach. Sailors crisscross Vineyard Haven outer harbor in the late afternoon. A light steady breeze.

Wednesday, July 15: At a Tisbury dock, a red Nantucket Lightship glows in the early morning light. Cranes lift steel at the Lagoon Pond drawbridge under partly sunny skies. Temperature in the 70s. Hazy sunshine over East Chop.

Thursday, July 16: Mostly cloudy morning. Mackerel skies after sunrise. Muggy. Temperature in the mid-60s.