You can bring the kids for the stilt walkers and jugglers, for the popcorn, pizza and face-painting, for all the under-the-big-tent fun that is Cinema Circus at the Chilmark Community Center every Wednesday at 5 p.m. The main act, of course, is the movie. Here to review what’s on the big screen tomorrow — a collection of short films — is Island kid critic Hilary Joie Lowitz.

Max’s Words: This film is about a little boy, Max. His brothers collect interesting things like coins and stamps. Max wants to have one object of each of his brothers’ collections. His brothers say no. Max feels sad, so he makes his own collection of words. He takes these words from newspapers, magazines, books and other places. Now Max can make stories out of all his words. This makes his brothers jealous just like they made him jealous. Max and his brothers come up with a story together. His brothers like making stories. Max trades his words for his brothers’ coins and stamps and they’re all finally happy with what they have.

The Dot: This film is about a little girl, Vashti. One day, Vashti was in art class, knowing she couldn’t draw. She was left with her teacher and her blank piece of paper, even when class was dismissed. Her teacher told her to start with a dot, and see where it takes her. She drew a dot and her teacher told her to sign it. The next day, she found her dot framed in gold above her teacher’s desk. Vashti started to make colorful dots, big dots, little dots. Soon, it was the art show. Vashti’s dots amazed everyone. Especially a little boy. The little boy told Vashti he couldn’t draw. Vashti told him to start with a line and sign it.

Chrysanthemum: This film is about a little girl named Chrysanthemum. She loved her name. She thought it was absolutely perfect. On her first day of school, everyone in her class made fun of her name, how she was named after a flower, how her name could barely fit on a name tag, how it was 13 letters. Chrysanthemum thought her name was absolutely dreadful. When Chrysanthemum went to music class, the class found out that Ms. Twinkle, their amazing music teacher, had a long name and was named after a flower. She also was going to name her baby girl Chrysanthemum. Ms. Twinkle thought that Chrysanthemum was an absolutely perfect name.

Monty: This film is about a rabbit, duck and frog who all need a way to get over the river to school. They usually rely on Monty, an alligator that takes them across the river each day. The animals are usually criticizing Monty for being too slow, or not staying above the water. One day, Monty decides that he wants to go on alligator vacation, which is where nobody can tell alligators what to do. The three animals try and try, but they can’t get across without Monty. Finally, Monty comes along and decides to help out his friends. Now, the animals appreciate what Monty can do for them and they decide that what Monty can do is just what they like.

The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash: This film is about a little girl telling her mom about her class field trip to the farm that day. There was a whole story about the chickens and the pigs in the school bus and cow crying and Jimmy’s pet boa. The boa caused all these problems and then everyone ended up throwing corn and eggs at each other. The boa constrictor sneaked out while everyone was throwing things and ate the wash. The farmer’s wife started to scream when she saw the boa so the class had to leave. Jimmy didn’t have his boa, but they left in such a hurry, one of the pigs was still in the bus and that pig was Jimmy’s new pet.

Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type: This film is about some cows that find their farmer’s old typewriter in the barn. They leave the farmer a note saying they want electric blankets. The farmer doesn’t agree. Now the cows go on strike. The chickens decide they want blankets too. Now the farmer gets frustrated. The cows make a deal with the farmer. If the farmer gives them electric blankets, they’ll give the farmer the typewriter. The farmer agrees and the deal is settled. Now the ducks think their pond is boring and want a diving board.

Leonardo, the Terrible Monster: This film is about a little monster, Leonardo. He wanted to be so scary, and scare the tuna salad out of someone! But he just couldn’t. All the other monsters were scarier than him. One day, Leonardo had an idea. He would scare the tuna salad out of the most scaredy-cat in the whole world! He researched and researched and finally found the perfect boy, Sam. When he tried to scare Sam, he cried. Leonardo was so happy. Sam told Leonardo about his terrible day. Leonardo felt terrible. He made a big decision that day; he wasn’t going to be a terrible monster, he was going to be a great friend.

The Teacher from the Black Lagoon: This film is about a boy who imagines terrible things about his teacher on the first day of school. He imagines that she is an alligator and eats everyone in the class. When it’s naptime, he wishes to make it to recess. When the boy wakes up, he sees a new teacher — a pretty teacher, a kind teacher — writing her name up on the board. The boy is so glad that he has a REAL teacher.

Shrinking Violet: This film is about a little girl named Violet. Violet doesn’t like to be watched; she likes to do the watching. Whenever someone made fun of her, she wanted to shrink down. When they did a class play on the solar system, she got the part of Lady Space. Lady Space spoke from the projection booth. Violet was happy when she found out she didn’t have to be watched from the stage. After the play was over, the mean kid in his class says another mean thing about Violet, but for the very first time, she doesn’t react.

Leo the Late Bloomer: This film is about a little tiger named Leo. Leo couldn’t do anything right! Everything his friends could do, he couldn’t. His father wondered what was wrong with Leo. Leo’s mother knew — he was just a late bloomer. Leo’s father watched him, and watched him, but Leo just didn’t bloom. Leo’s mother told him that someone can’t bloom while being watched. So Leo’s father didn’t watch Leo. Time passed but Leo still didn’t bloom. But one day, Leo finally bloomed!

A Weekend With Wendell: This film is about a little boy named Wendell. Wendell spent a weekend with Sophie while his parents went to visit relatives out of town. Wendell wasn’t being nice to Sophie and Sophie wished Wendell could leave. When it was time for Wendell to leave, the two were finally getting along. When Wendell got home, he got a note from Sophie saying she hopes to see him soon.

Joey Runs Away: This film is about a little kangaroo, Joey. Joey doesn’t want to clean his room; he runs away from home so that he doesn’t have to. He can’t find the right home because nothing is like his mother’s pouch. Animals kept coming to Joey’s mother trying to get Joey’s room. Joey’s mother kept having to tell them that it was not for rent. When the mail was being delivered to Joey’s mom, Joey got delivered too. Joey finally agreed to clean his room so that he and his mother were happy together.

At 8 p.m. the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival screens the feature film Summer Hours. In this, the divergent paths of three fortysomething siblings collide when their mother, heiress to her uncle’s exceptional 19th century art collection, dies suddenly. Left to come to terms with themselves and their differences, Adrienne (Juliette Binoche), a successful New York designer, Frédéric (Charles Berling), an economist and university professor in Paris, andJérémie(Jérémie Renier), a dynamic businessman in China, confront the end of childhood, their shared memories, background and unique vision of the future.

Also at the Chilmark Community Center. Tickets are $6 for film festival members, $12 for the general public and $5 for kids.