Prices for regular unleaded gas as of Aug. 12:


Airport Mobil $3.439 Depot Corner $3.399

Edgartown Mobil $3.459

Oak Bluffs

deBettencourt’s $3.459

Jim’s $3.479

Vineyard Haven

Citgo $3.459

Tisbury Shell $3.459

West Tisbury

Up-Island Automotive $3.279


Menemsha Texaco $3.239

Massachusetts state average (source: AAA) $2.645

Grocery Basket

With summer guests in and out, you’ll need a good supply of these products for use before and after. On Aug. 12 we shopped for:

Green Works bathroom cleaner (24 oz.)

Woolite or Resolve rug cleaner (22 oz.)

Swiffer dry sweeper refills (16)

Murphy’s Oil Soap (32 oz.)

Clorox bleach (3 qts.)

Mr. Clean (40 oz.)

Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh rug deodorizer (30 oz.)

Comet cleanser (21 oz.)

Tide 2X Ultra laundry detergent (50 oz.)

Bounce fabric sheets (40)

Windex (26 oz.)

The total cost* before tax for each order was:

$42.00 at Reliable,

$43.80 at Stop & Shop,

$44.35 at Cronig’s without Our Island Club card, or

$39.91 at Cronig’s with the card.

*Cronig’s gives a 10 per cent discount to Our Island Club cardholders, which charges an annual fee.

These prices represent a snapshot in time only; on any date prices may vary.