I could be singing my version of Tropical Heatwave but I thought I have used that song before to start the column so then I thought what about White Christmas. Too cold, so I will just think Autumn Leaves as the Island is still pretty but a lot cooler.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day these past weeks. Big balloons go out to Jacob Cardoza on July 25; Caleb Enos and Auguste Pizzano on July 27; Leila Quinn on July 28; Amber Bettencourt and Michael O’Brien on July 29; Jared Livingston on July 31; Charlotte Lowell-Bettencourt on August 1; Kevin Walsh on August 4; Zachary Ward on August 5; Samuel Culver on August 8; Branden Hammond, and Vitor Mouzinho on August 9; Austin Smith on August 10; and Julia Cooper and Megan Hurley who celebrated August 12.

Special birthday wishes go out to Jane Barbini, who celebrated her day August 1; Donnie Mitchell on August 4; and to Floyd Norton, Pam Dolby and Melanie Rankow, who celebrated their day August 5.

Happy anniversary wishes to Dick and Jane Barbini, who celebrated August 8.

Well, two weeks ago my hard drive on my old computer left me. I did not know at that point how much a computer affects one’s life. First of all Ralph and I actually talked! Then when I wanted to look up something like a recipe or see what was going on with the weather or the news, I couldn’t. I found myself talking on the phone, wiggling the mouse with the hope that the screen would come on, but no. So after waiting for the new tower to come I had to call manually to see about the tracking and then wait for the FedEx man (poor guy probably thought I needed help) to go through the nursery to sign on to the computer. So here I am back up and running and very happy and so is my husband.

The beach gang has been able to get together the past couple of weeks. When we arrived on Sunday the group was in full force and we had our August visitors here. Allison Smith’s mom Barbara was here and she has been here for a few weeks but we have not all been together as much so we enjoyed the visit with her. Eddie and Resa Sherr were here with their girls, Sean Kelleher and his wife Elizabeth (a past Gazette employee) and their new son. We missed the Byron Rizzo family but they were here for their annual visit. It was a great day and we enjoyed it as usual.

Last Sunday Ralph and his Cardiac Class walked the 5K Scoops walk around Katama. These men are special friends who go to cardiac class at least twice a week at the hospital. They are great support for each other and they have a great time. So Sunday proved to be the same. Their nurses MJ and Pam, who are with them every morning of their workout prepare the guys for the walk and of course join them. One walks and one drives for those who cannot walk the full three miles. After the walk, they enjoyed a lobster boil at MJ’s of which they will talk about for a long time.

Our cousins came down from Somerset. We enjoyed the day with Kenny, Michelle and their son Christopher Brown. It had been a while since they were here so we did our annual trip up-Island. As much as we crab about the traffic and the mopeds and the bikes we have to be reminded how beautiful our Island really is.

The animal shelter is requesting donations of cleaning supplies. They can use towels, sponges, soaps, bleach and anything you can supply.

The shelter is doing well. They adopted out a guinea pig that was left abandoned on the doorstep of the shelter. It has been asked that if you have an animal to be placed at the shelter, that you wait till someone is there for the safety of that animal. Also they have adopted out several cats.

Teresa Yuan is now displaying her new paintings at the Old Sculpin Gallery August 15 to 29. There will be a reception on Sunday August 16, 6 to 8 p.m.

There is a l,ot going on next week. Illumination Night is Wednesday night, then there is the Fair and of course the fireworks. It does not seem possible that the summer is almost done as far as kids being on vacation and all those who take an August vacation. But enjoy the next week and be safe.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.