Friday, August 28: Increasing clouds. Partly sunny skies turn overcast late in the afternoon. Rain late.

Saturday, August 29: The day starts with rain. Showers continue to fall while the Island sleeps. Five Corners is flooded with more than a couple inches of rainfall. Storm drains can’t keep up. Calm. During the heaviest rainfall, more than an inch falls from noon to 1 p.m. Rain only lightens a bit before 3 p.m. and stops at 3:30 p.m. Puffy breeze. Pedestrians walk downtown Vineyard Haven wearing yellow raincoats. Many carry umbrellas. The sky lightens in the late afternoon. An occasional gust of wind in the late afternoon.

Sunday, August 30: Overcast, leaden gray clouds spread from West Chop to East Chop. Topsail schooner Amistad is tied up at Tisbury Wharf. Temperature in the 70s. Light breeze. Some roads in Oak Bluffs are still flooded. Helicopters rise over the Martha’s Vineyard Airport in the late afternoon. Sun comes out on Cape Pogue Pond. Visibility improves over Nantucket Sound in the span of a few hours. Sunset attempts to break through overcast skies.

Monday, August 31: Drizzle overnight. Mostly sunny skies in the morning. The air is crisp, fragrant and a low morning sun inspires thoughts of autumn. Clothes are on the line in Edgartown. Temperature iis mostly in the 60s. The high for the day is 71.

Tuesday, Sept. 1: The sound of fireworks can be heard in downtown Vineyard Haven, at sunrise. Sunny morning. Recreational motorboats return to Menemsha harbor after an afternoon of fishing. Spectacular sunset is watched from Menemsha by hundreds. Fishing fleet rests, motionless at the dock. West Basin is flat calm, water reflects the colorful crepuscular sky overhead.

Wednesday, Sept. 2: Blue skies in the morning. A light chill in the air. A Vineyard Haven lawn is covered by thick dew. Cobwebs. Temperature rises to a high of 73 in the shade. Cool in the late afternoon. Sailboat Mad Max leaves Edgartown harbor for a sunset sail.

Thursday, Sept. 3: Partly sunny morning. Clouds increase in the morning. Bright, shadowless landscape.