Eco MV is proud to announce the promotion of Scott Condon to the position of executive vice president.

Before joining Eco MV in December of 2008, Mr. Condon, a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in Business Management, worked in Hong Kong for a gaming company and in Arizona for an organic fertilizer startup.

“Eco MV isn’t like anything else — there is no comparison in my experience,” Mr. Condon says.

“Just when you think you know what tomorrow brings, Mark [founder of Eco MV] shows up and announces something outrageous and impossible. And it works.”

This is the first time in the fledgling company’s two-year history that the position of executive vice president has been filled. Rapid growth and few candidates left the position vacant for over a year. Mr. Condon says that this winter is a time to implement some structure in the company. Currently, they employ about 10 people in the off-season, with that number nearly doubling in the summer months. But Mr. Condon says he is up to the task. “Our motto here is that everything is possible if you believe it. And fake it if you don’t”

He will be taking on responsibility for the entire sales division at Eco MV — both on-Island and off.

“He is one of the smartest people I know,” says Mr. Martin of his new hire. “He can read a situation, formulate a plan on the spot and change gears all in a few seconds depending on what he sees. It is very impressive.”