The Vineyard’s public access community cable station MVTV will provide a video on-demand service for Island political meetings. Denys Wortman, president of the public access cable station, announced last Friday that the service is under way, though still in its early stages.

As Mr. Wortman and his wife, Marilyn, received the Spirit of the Vineyard award, he said the television station’s service will open up all the board of selectmen’s and other political meetings in the future to anyone with a computer and a broadband connection to the Internet.

This week, station manager Stephen Warriner said access through the station’s Web site,, is being set up this week. The video on the computer will look a lot like YouTube but the clarity, he said, is a little better.

Mr. Warriner said if anyone is having problems accessing these programs, call him at 508-696-9760.

MVTV has been around for more than six years, and it has been regularly covering many selectmen’s and government meetings for over five years. The video on demand service will not be able to access past programs, but those recorded now and in the future will be accessible.