Oak Bluffs police arrested an Island man on Wednesday assault and kidnapping charges after he reportedly held his girlfriend against her will and strangled her until she lost consciousness. James W. Campbell, 36, was charged with assault and battery, kidnapping, larceny and attempted murder.

Lieut. Timothy Williamson said the incident began at Mr. Campbell’s home Tuesday morning and ended Wednesday morning after he dropped the victim off at her place of employment. Mr. Campbell reportedly took the victim’s cell phone and then strangled her when she tried to escape, the lieutenant said.

According to court records, the victim convinced Mr. Campbell to take her home, but instead he drove her around and refused to allow her to leave the vehicle.

The woman was able to jump out of the car in Vineyard Haven, but Mr. Campbell caught her and reportedly strangled her again until she lost consciousness. Mr. Campbell drove the victim to work the next morning, at which time she described the previous night’s events to another person, who contacted Tisbury police.

Following a joint investigation between the two departments, Mr. Campbell was arrested Wednesday morning at his home on Lagoon avenue in Oak Bluffs. Detective Nick Curelli led the investigation for Oak Bluffs, assisted by Tisbury patrolman Chris Habekost.

Mr. Campbell was arraigned yesterday morning and is being held on $25,000 bail.