Springtime weather is supposed to return this weekend after a few days of temperatures in the 40s and 50s, windy and drizzly. We are due to have temperatures in the 70s over the weekend. The fiddleheads have poked their heads above ground and the shad are in full bloom.

Chilmark Chocolates reopened on Thursday, Julianne is serving pizza at the Orange Peel Bakery on Saturday afternoons, Sushi will be served once again at Faith’s Seafood on the Cliffs, Donald has a newly created style of wampum jewelry at Howwasswee Trading Post, the Chilmark Tavern is scheduled to open on May 6, we will once again enjoy pizza at the Chilmark Store on May 10, and we’re looking forward to lobster rolls at the Dreamcatcher, which is preparing to open for the season on May 15. We are bustling in The 645!

Chilmark Preschool will hold their fifth annual Rainbow Tomato Fundraiser. Place your order today and pick up on June 5. This year will be a six-pack assortment of heirloom tomatoes for $10, personally chosen by Caitlin Jones of Mermaid Farm. The proceeds from the fundraiser help to pay for the Chilmark Preschool enrichment programs of which there are many. You may order online at TicketsMV.com/tomatoes or pick up a form at the Chilmark Preschool.

Alex the Jester will perform at the Vineyard Playhouse on Saturday, May 1, during two performances. At 11 a.m. the show is for children ages four to 10, and at 2 p.m. for children ages 11 to adulthood. Tickets are $5 per person and are available at any library on the Vineyard or at the door. The program is sponsored by the Vineyard Playhouse and by the Martha’s Vineyard Library Association.

Susan Klein will be conducting her Spice of Life Memoir organization and writing class with a twilight series on Thursday evenings from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. from May 6 through June 24 at the Tisbury Senior Center. Susan brings out the best in your organizational and writing skills to get your book started. For further information, please contact Susan at SK@SusanKlein.net.

Martha’s Vineyard Goes Pink is the sixth annual walk on May 8 at 10 a.m. to support the Martha’s Vineyard Cancer Support Group and the Susan Komen Foundation. The walk goes from the Sengekontacket bridge in Oak Bluffs to the Edgartown Lighthouse and back to the bridge. For further information, please go to mvgoespink.com.

Joyce Bowker, our vivacious director at the Up-Island Council on Aging, has just returned this week from her two-week vacation, one of which was spent on the beach in Aruba. Joyce will be observing her 26th year of serving the needs of our up-Island elders on May 1. A grand toast to Joyce for all she does for our elders.

Noah James Manning returned home on Monday night after spending five days in New York with his grandparents, Bill and Joan Kistner. Noah enjoyed going to a movie and fun time at Chuck E. Cheese. Of course he was accompanied on his journey by his parents, Paul and Theresa.

Dinner at the Montoya home on Saturday evening was a rather lively event. Carlos and his daughter Christina had enjoyed a visit to Jerez, Spain for a festival in March as the guests of Brook and Kristin Zern of West Tisbury. Brook has been a student of flamenco guitar for many years and once introduced Carlos Montoya Sr. on the stage at Carnegie Hall. Two years ago, I just knew I had to introduce Brook and Carlos Jr., and so this has blossomed into a lasting friendship and quite a flourishing of the flamenco! Carlos and Christina enjoyed being reunited with cousins in Jerez, while Joshua Montoya has recently returned from his winter sojourn to India and Thailand. We were joined by Barbara Hoy and her husband, Boris, and yours truly. Christina prepared the most scrumptious dinner for the eight of us, and the evening was a joyous one with tales of Spain and their adventures and very interesting diverse discussions. We are looking forward to our next dinner in May.

Ezra Newick will have a photography show of his selected color pictures as well as black-and-white images on Friday, May 7 at the Bank of Martha’s Vineyard at Beetlebung Corner. Join Ezra and his wife, Kendra, for his show between 4 and 6 p.m.

Condolences to the family and many friends of Nancy Specht, who passed away on Sunday at the JML Center in Falmouth, where she and her husband, Dr. Robert Specht, have been residing since August. A memorial service will be planned for August.

Congratulations to Jesse Wiener and his wife, Maggie, on their summer employment in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. They applied and auditioned for their work at a dinner theatre, where Jesse will be the music director during July and August and Maggie will be performing, working as a waitress at the theatre, and pursuing her writing for the summer.

Happy seventh anniversary wishes to Gordon Perry and his wife, Dona Mazza, as they are working hard to get their Dreamcatcher Café in order to open by May 15.

Happy Birthday wishes this week to Ella Mahoney on May 1, who shares the day with Nicholas Bologna. Jim Wallen will party on May 2 while sailing in the Caribbean. Betsy Feil Vanlandingham will celebrate her special day on May 3. Amy Vanderhoop parties on May 3, as will Av Morrow as he celebrates his special day. Jonathan Zack will celebrate on May 4.

Skip Campos observes a major milestone on May 4. Bill Smith parties on May 5. Alexandra Taylor will party on May 6. Elaine Zwicky celebrates on May 7.