Well, I hope you all enjoyed our spring. Now we are back to winter. I am glad that I did not get my summer clothes out last week. It was a great tease but I’m sure the good weather will be back soon.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Olivia Green-Lingren and Saren Quinn, who celebrated their day May 9; Gabriel Edmunds on May 11; Aubrey Ashmun and Charlotte McCarron on May 12; and to Summer Cardoza, who celebrated her day May 13.

We send out special birthday wishes to Everel Black, who celebrated her 90th birthday on April 28.

Congratulations go out to Amanda and Chip Reigel of Providence, who welcomed their second daughter, Paige Quinn. Paige was born on May 3, 2010 at 4:45, exactly two years after her sister Peyton, who was born May 3, 2008 at 5:38. Paige is the granddaughter of Tim and Mary Lou Golding of Providence and Edgartown.

The Pink and Green cocktail party at Donaroma’s was a success. There were many people in and out all night in their pink and green creations. They all enjoyed the mystery pink cocktail and of course the champagne being topped off with appetizers served by Soigné. As I had the straight punch table, my table was not terribly busy, except for the nice gentleman who came back for at least 10 glasses. I told him I would have to cut him off after 11 or he would not be able to drive home. He informed me that it would be okay as he rode his bike to the event.

Mother’s Day proved to be a nice day for most. The Edgartown Fire Department held their annual Mother’s Day brunch which was very busy. The food was delicious and the department did a great job decorating the station. All the families enjoyed themselves while the children were outside in the jump house that was provided for their entertainment.

Chris White made a quick trip on Sunday to drop her business partner off at JFK and then went into New York city to spend Mother’s Day night with her daughter Ariel. They ate at NY Crab, a great restaurant, and then Chris headed back to the Vineyard Monday morning. Ariel is presently working on an HBO miniseries starring Kate Winslet. It is the remake of Mildred Pierce, a movie in which Joan Crawford starred and won an Oscar. Even though it was a short trip both had a great time seeing each other.

Sarah Townes, daughter of Gene and Penny Townes, was stricken with a stroke at the beginning of the week. She has since been released from the hospital as the stroke hit the ocular part of her brain and the doctors were able to release her with the orders of lots of rest. She has trouble seeing and her rehab will be long but we are all happy that she is doing well and will be home. There were many prayers being said for her and her family and they were all answered. The family has requested that there be no visits or phone calls at this time just to give Sarah a chance to get back on her feet. However, I am sure that she would love to receive cards and letters from her friends. Here is her address: Sarah Townes, P.O. Box 2597, Edgartown MA 02539. Get well soon Sarah so we can soon see your smiling face around town, walking your nieces.

Our sympathies go out to Gary and Beth Smith for the loss of their daughter Alison. She was a sweet and lovely girl. Gary and Beth give so much to our community and we are all sorry for their great loss.

There is a lot of hustle and bustle in town as the stores are getting ready for the Memorial Day weekend and the summer. There are a lot of stores that have moved into town, some old businesses relocating, and some new businesses. Here is to a good summer for all.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.