Friday, May 21: Summer-like weather. The weekend opens with clear skies and high flying cirrus clouds. Temperature rises to the 70s, warmer at Five Corners, where cars coming off the ferry slow traffic. Rosa rugosa are in full bloom along the Beach Road in Edgartown. Breezy afternoon.

Saturday, May 22: Light fog in the early morning. Skies are clear. Dozens of bicyclists speed along the state forest bicycle path. The first beachgoers gather on the lee side of dunes at South Beach at noon. Temperature rises to the high 60s. A lone powerboat speeds toward Katama Bay in Edgartown. Calm waters.

Sunday, May 23: Clear blue skies. The seasons first ice cream lovers take a walk along Circuit avenue. Rhododendrons are in full bloom near the Camp Ground in Oak Bluffs.

Monday, May 24: Thick fog in the morning covers Vineyard Haven harbor. Ferries sound their horn as they arrive in the harbor. Sunny in Edgartown. Squid fishing boat Quitsa Strider is tied up at Memorial Wharf.

Tuesday, May 25: Boat launchings at Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard in the morning under clear skies. Blossoming irises decorate the edge of a yard in Vineyard Haven. Soccer enthusiasts play hard in Veterans Memorial park. A pair of swans sit adrift at the head of Bass Creek.

Wednesday, May 26: The morning starts out in the 70s. Temperature reaches mid-80s by the afternoon. Appearing as a ball of crimson red, the sun sets west of Menemsha. A small crowd enjoys the performance. Late night thunderstorms, little rain in Edgartown. Brief shower in Oak Bluffs.

Thursday, May 27: Cooler and damp. A light maritime northeast breeze. Overcast. Occasional sunshine midday.