Friday, May 28: Bright sunny day. Temperature in the 60s. A brisk breeze on the water. Edgartown children march down to Memorial Wharf, many carrying flowers. Under deep blue skies, they tossed flowers into the harbor. The sound of Taps can be heard along Dock street.

Saturday, May 29: Thick fog in Edgartown. Skies clear by 9 a.m. Warm and summer-like. Boats arrive in Edgartown harbor. Customers, with smiling and sun-burned faces show up at the Stop & Shop. Hazy skies in the late afternoon. Temperature drops down to the 50s at night.

Sunday, May 30: Mostly sunny and cool morning. Clouds increase. Breezy on the water. Youngsters go swimming off a nearby dock. Bright and mostly sunny by mid-afternoon. Warm afternoon. Spectacular sunset.

Monday, May 31: Hazy sunshine. Mysterious smoke spreads across the Island. Light breeze. Smoke thickens in the afternoon. Odorous. Breeze on the water picks up in midafternoon. Hazy. Smoke dissipates at dusk. Crimson sky.

Tuesday, June 1: Hazy sunshine. Less smoke, but the odor prevails. Lawn mowers sing in the morning in downtown Edgartown. More boats are at their slips and moorings.

Wednesday, June 2: Sunny and warm. Polly Hill Farm is bathed in light fog. Fog disappears with an increasing breeze by midmorning. East breeze. Walls of fog hug the horizon. Upper Main street is newly paved. Smell of asphalt. Fair weather clouds overhead. Hazy late afternoon. Fog late.

Thursday, June 3: Fog. Ferry horns sound off in the Vineyard Haven outer harbor. Dense fog and a light mist at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport shortens the length of the runway. Light breeze from the southwest.