The Oak Bluffs parks commission on Monday reviewed draft rules for town parks and beaches that among other things would close parks at 10 p.m., prohibit flower picking and ban pets from playgrounds and baseball fields.

Authored by Nancy Phillips, chairman of the parks commission, the rules would apply to all town beaches and parks, including Ocean Park, Waban Park, Nashawena Park, Sunset Park, Veira Park, Inkwell Beach and the old pay beach.

The parks commission reviewed the draft policy at their regular meeting Monday. The rules do not need approval from selectmen or voters, town administrator Michael Dutton said yesterday, provided they don’t violate town bylaws.

If the rules were adopted it would be a first for the town. But with growing use of public spaces by community groups, the rules could provide a tool for the town to control events, he said.

“I can think of one example of a church group that has ceremonies at Waban Park on Sunday mornings. I think that’s fine to do that, but it raises some questions. When we asked town counsel about it, he said we should have some type of regulations,” Mr. Dutton said.

In the draft policy, parks would be open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. The rules would ban posters on trees, riding bicycles or skateboards in a way that obstructs pedestrians or vehicles, concession stands and alcohol consumption without town permission. Pets would not by allowed on playgrounds and ballfields.

Dogs would not be allowed on beaches during posted hours between May 15 and Sept. 15. Litter would be carry-in, carry-out. Smoking is already banned on town beaches; voters approved a bylaw at the April town meeting.