Friday, June 25: Summer has a foothold on the Vineyard. Bright sunshine, warm with temperature rising to the 80s in the sun. A stiff breeze on the water.

Saturday, June 26: Hazy and hot in North Tisbury. Skies are mostly sunny. Temperature reaches 80 in the shade for the first time at the cooperative weather station in Edgartown. A day for car washes and yard sales across the Island. Major League Little League game in Veira Park under a hot hazy sky. Dry. Dust rises at first plate often during the game. Tall, large threatening clouds drift to the south of the Vineyard late in the afternoon. Late night shower.

Sunday, June 27: A still, quiet morning. Overcast. Fog hugs the horizon over Nantucket Sound. Brief periods of sunshine. Catboat Vanity speeds through the Narrows toward Katama Bay in the late morning.

Monday, June 28: A breezy morning. Small craft warnings in midmorning. Choppy seas off East Chop. Swimmers gather at the Oak Bluffs bathing beaches. Children jump off the Big Bridge under a hot sun. Lawn keepers water their lawns. The season of browning lawns is under way. Late night drizzle.

Tuesday, June 29: The hottest day of June. The air is musty. Flowers droop in the backyard flower garden. Temperature reaches 88 degrees in the shade. Wind comes in the late afternoon. Day lilies are in full bloom in Edgartown on many different street corners. Late afternoon swimmers take over the Bend in the Road Beach. Clouds increase in the afternoon. The porch at Mansion House is decorated with red, white and blue bunting.

Wednesday, June 30: A fresh breeze late at night brings relief. Cooler and drier air in the morning. The landscape in West Tisbury is bright, the air is especially clear and breezy. Winds up to 20 m.p.h. in the early afternoon. Shenandoah sails off East Chop with reefed sails. Fire in Morgan Woods. Large clouds of smoke drift over the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road.

Thursday, July 1: Sunny and cloudless morning. Bustling traffic at Five Corners at dawn. Flags adorn the front of homes in downtown Edgartown.