Friday, July 2: Sunny and warm. Morning Glory Farm pickers are out in the fields early picking lettuce, all wearing hats. Some fields are watered by a huge powerful water gun.

Saturday, July 3: Sunny. Strong breeze in the morning lightens before lunch. Parking at a premium at the Joseph A. Sylvia State Beach in Edgartown. Colorful umbrellas line the beach from Edgartown Bend in the Road to Harthaven. Powerboats speed across the horizon in Nantucket Sound. Fair weather clouds move slowly over the Cape. Edgartown harbor is chock full of boats. The channel between Chappaquiddick Point and Memorial Wharf is choppy from fast moving boat traffic wake. Pretty sunset.

Sunday, July 4: Bright sunny hot Fouth of July. Some clouds pass over the afternoon Fourth of July parade in Edgartown. Fireworks take place under a canopy of high flying clouds. Nighttime celebrants get a full view of fireworks in other places, all along the Cape Cod southern coast. Excellent visibility. Few stars late.

Monday, July 5: Light hot air. Asphalt under foot feels soft from the heat. The hottest day of summer, thus far. Temperature rises to 91 degrees at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport at noon. West Tisbury fairgrounds are brown. Starry night.

Tuesday, July 6: Hotter still. Becalmed sailboats in Nantucket Sound. Waters are flat for miles offshore. Hot and humid inland. Grass crunches under foot in a Vineyard Haven backyard. Temperature reaches 94 at the cooperative weather station in Edgartown. Light east breeze.

Wednesday, July 7: Hazy horizon across Nantucket Sound. Vineyard Haven harbor is covered by a thin veil of fog. Shenandoah is anchored in the outer harbor. Bluefish break nearby. Sun burns off the fog by 9 o’clock. Hot. East northeast breeze. Ox sits under a large tree off Middle Road in Chilmark. Softball game late at Veterans Park in Vineyard Haven, considerably cooler.

Thursday, July 8: A light south southeast breeze in the morning keeps the morning cooler on the Vineyard Haven waterfront. Clear cloudless skies. Not so hot inland.