Friday, July 9: A hot and clear day. A dog day in July. Lawns in Edgartown are burnt amber: the grass crunches underfoot. A light breeze in the afternoon. Breeze lightens in the afternoon. Long lines for ice cream cones in a North Water street, Edgartown shop.

Saturday, July 10: A hot day. Light steady breeze from the southwest. Sailboats race in outer Edgartown harbor. Herreshoffs and Shields pass in front of the Chappaquiddick cliffs. Bathers stand knee deep at the Edgartown Lighthouse beach. The air is still and oppressive in downtown Vineyard Haven. Sweating athletes play soccer in Veterans Memorial Park. Bright lights at night on the park. No seeums take control of Edgartown harbor after sunset, sending a group of boaters looking for insect repellent. Pretty evening twilight. Venus shines in the west.

Sunday, July 11: Another summer day for the beach. The ocean sends in high rollers at South Beach. Swimmers cautiously surf among the fast tempo waves. Overnight shower. Oak Bluffs’ Circuit avenue is bustling with pedestrian traffic in early evening. Bandstand music fills the air in Ocean Park.

Monday, July 12: Hot and sunny. Southwest breeze. Cloudless and hazy. Fire horns sing in Chilmark. Huge fire at the U.S. Coast Guard boathouse. Black hot smoke, and a rain of burning embers fall on the harbor and the commercial fishing fleet. Smoke turns gray in the late afternoon. Shenandoah moves through Vineyard Sound. A eerie stillness settles on Menemsha toward evening.

Tuesday, July 13: Mostly sunny. Increasing clouds in the afternoon. Heavy rain falls at the dinner hour. Some showers are brief and intense. Muggy afternoon in Menemsha. Couples sit outside of Larsen’s Fish Market under a hot sun and eat fresh boiled lobster.

Wednesday, July 14: Hazy and hot. Temperature in the 80s, downtown Oak Bluffs. Bright colored flowers line Ocean Park. Clouds increase in the afternoon. Heavy shower after 5 p.m.

Thursday, July 15: Overcast and considerably cooler. Light northeast wind in the morning.