After a well-attended and positive meeting with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation road safety audit team on Tuesday, West Tisbury selectmen are now confident state officials will agree to some sort of immediate fix for the intersection of State and Old County Roads, thought to be one of the most dangerous crossroads on the Island.

About 25 people attended a meeting with the road audit team, which included a visit to the problem intersection. The purpose of the meeting was to survey the intersection, observe the traffic flow and recommend changes.

At the selectmen’s meeting on Wednesday, chairman Richard Knabel said the meeting was very productive. The meeting was attended by all three selectmen, interim police chief Dan Rossi, staff members of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, members of the public and eight representatives of the state Department of Transportation (DOT).

“I think we will be seeing some results fairly quickly. We made it clear to the DOT we want to see something happen and we want it soon,” Mr. Knabel said.

He said the DOT might agree to install traffic delineators along the center line of State Road leading to the left-hand turn onto Old County Road. The collapsible delineators discourage people from making the left turn prematurely and force drivers to come to a full stop before turning.

Most of the accidents at the Y-shaped intersection have occurred when someone traveling up-Island on State Road rushed across the oncoming lane of traffic to enter Old County Road. During this week’s traffic audit, test delineators were placed along State Road to gauge driver reactions.

Selectmen said the results were encouraging. “They weren’t speeding across the road. They slowed to take a proper turn,” Mr. Knabel said.

“They saw for themselves how things worked, and were clearly understanding the problem,” agreed selectman Jeffrey (Skipper) Manter.

Last year the Massachusetts Department of Transportation prepared conceptual plans for two alternative layouts for the intersection. Both called for creating a more traditional T intersection and adding a left-hand turning lane for cars headed up-Island turning onto Old County Road.

Selectmen had concerns about the left-hand turning lane and asked the Martha’s Vineyard Commission to explore other alternatives.

The visit by the road audit team on Tuesday comes just a few weeks after selectmen received a letter from the DOT district manager that recommended against the delineators. “The installation of delineators on the center line of the road may have a detrimental effect on driver behavior due to the nonstandard use,” the letter said.

Mr. Knabel said the group of state officials who visited on Tuesday had a different view.

“The highway official who wrote that letter that was vaguely negative, that is the best way I can characterize it, was not present yesterday. It was a whole different group from the district and from Boston. My guess is they heard and saw what the situation is and it is my impression we will see some results fairly quickly,” he said.

Selectmen thanked the staff of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission for drafting alternative designs for the intersection and recommending the meeting with the road audit team.

And while selectmen agreed delineators may improve traffic flow and prevent accidents in the short-term, they said a long-term solution for the intersection may be a long way off. “I think they made it clear during the meeting,” selectman Cynthia Mitchell said. “This is going to take awhile.”