Friday, July 23: Partly cloudy. Muggy and hot. Temperature in the mid-80s. Clouds increase in the afternoon. Heavy rain arrives at night, clearing the Edgartown Main street of pedestrians. Loud thunder.

Saturday, July 24: Early morning thunderstorm. Partly cloudy. Periods of hot sunshine. Clouds increase in the afternoon. Thunderstorm in the afternoon. Skies clear on the horizon at dusk. Mostly overcast late.

Sunday, July 25: An early morning thunderstorm, with little rain. Skies clear by dawn. A light west wind sends a sailboat across Nantucket Sound. Wind dies by late morning for an hour, then comes back from the southwest. Hot. Breezy afternoon. Schooner Alabama heels over from a stiff breeze. Rain arrives in the late afternoon. West Chop is hazy. Foghorn sounds in the night.

Monday, July 26: Hot and not as muggy. Oak Bluffs harbor returns to normal after a weekend shark tournament. Powerboats speed out of the harbor toward Falmouth. Choppy seas off the harbor entrance. Osprey sit atop their nest overlooking the waterfront. Blue skies overhead. Hazy Cape Cod.

Tuesday, July 27: Long line of cars at the Blinker in the morning. Temperature climbs quickly with the rising sun. Temperature in the high 80s. Bustling turnout at the Tisbury Wharf, farmers’ market under a hot sun. Visitors wear wide brim hats.

Wednesday, July 28: Fair weather clouds on the horizon in the morning. Not so hot. Dancing Queen Anne’s lace decorate the edge of a West Tisbury field. Sailfish speeds across Tisbury Great Pond, pushed by a stiff southerly breeze. Blue skies overhead. Long shadows in the late afternoon in West Tisbury. Cool night.

Thursday, July 29: Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers. Temperature in the high 70s.