Friday, July 30: Clouds break in the morning. Sunny. Perfect day for the beach.

Saturday, July 31: Not as hot. The air in the morning is autumnal. Temperature rises to the mid-70s. Low humidity. Tomatoes ripen on the vine in Vineyard Haven. Tiger lilies in full bloom in a backyard garden. Shields sailboats race in the outer Edgartown harbor with a stiff breeze from the southwest.

Sunday, August 1: Morning light breeze. Cape Pogue Pond is flat calm. Swimmers enjoy the warm water, near fast-moving current. Wind picks up in the late morning. Temperature in the mid-70s in the shade. Bicyclists speed through the state forest bike path amid mild temperatures. Mostly sunny in the afternoon. Pretty sunset over West Chop. Evening bustle in Oak Bluffs center after sunset. Cool.

Monday, August 2: Dry air. Deep blue skies overhead. Irrigation at Morning Glory Farm. A moving nozzle shoots water high into the air. Squash are large and dot the field. Feels like September. Mild temperatures continue. David Crohan plays the piano at Seasons on Circuit avenue. The melodic music slips outside through the door, each time it is opened. Stars decorate the sky overhead. A movie at the Tabernacle.

Tuesday, August 3: A hazy hot morning. Temperature rises into the 80s. Muggy in downtown Oak Bluffs. Beach Road fills up early in the morning. Parking is at a premium near Ocean Park. Fishing boats near the Steamship Authority wharf bob up and down in the light waves of Nantucket Sound.

Wednesday, August 4: Sunny. The ocean south of Lucy Vincent Beach is covered by fog in the late morning. Visibility is only a few miles. Not so hot on the beach. Light breeze at the Aquinnah Cultural Center moves the smell of burning wood around the building, from an outdoor fire. The roar of the surf is heard not far away. Hazy horizon. Sultry on Main street in downtown Vineyard Haven, well into the late afternoon.

Thursday, August 5: Overcast. muggy. Hazy, light southwest wind. Chance of showers.