Friday, August 6: Partly sunny. A muggy afternoon. Temperature in the high 80s. Seven 12-metre sailboats are rafting at the Edgartown Yacht Club, under clear skies.

Saturday, August 7: A calm morning. Light breeze and not as hot. Sailboats get a push out of Edgartown harbor with a light breeze. Wind picks up in the late morning. A perfect sailing afternoon. Ocean Park is decorated with flower gardens. Visitors fill the park benches. The afternoon is cool. Bustling pedestrian traffic at Farland Square. Music from the Flying Horses can be heard through an open door at dusk.

Sunday, August 8: The morning is cloudless. A light south wind picks up to 18 miles per hour by noon. Choppy seas in Nantucket Sound. The 12-metres speed around the mark and raise their colorful spinakers. Small boats bob up and down at the mark. Stiff breeze in the afternoon. Large rolling seas at South Beach.

Monday, August 9: Sunny and sunflowers are in bloom in an Edgartown field. Acres of tall corn at Morning Glory Farm. The Oak Bluffs harbor bulkhead is full of boaters talking and enjoying the cool nighttime air.

Tuesday, August 10: A couple takes an early morning stroll along State Beach in Oak Bluffs, before the sunbathers arrive. Clear visibility to Cape Pogue Lighthouse. Sengekontacket Pond is calm under blue skies. Powerboats speed out of Edgartown harbor in the afternoon. Seas build up in the afternoon. Bigger waves in Nantucket Sound, with greater fetch. Soccer games in Veterans Memorial Park. Players wear sweatbands around their heads and play hard. Shouts and catcalls fill the park.

Wednesday, August 11: Dappled sunlight decorates the shoreline of Seth’s Pond in West Tisbury. The air is still and not so hot on the shore of a kettle pond off Lambert’s Cove Road. Temperature in Vineyard Haven center is hot.

Thursday, August 12: A light southeast breeze. Cloudless. Dog walkers march up Upper Main street in Vineyard Haven, temperature in the 70s. Inner harbor, by the breakwater, is a forest of tall masts. Little dinghies crisscross the harbor in advance of the returning ferry. Sunny afternoon.