Middle and high school students from East Orange, N.J., and awardwinning filmmakers Hafiz Farid, Shelley Grodner Seidenstein and Richard Woods joined to make the documentary film Hope for the Homeless, which will screen on Thursday, August 19, at 5:30 p.m. at the Oak Bluffs Public Library.

The filmmakers call it a moving and honest portrayal of what homelessness is and how it can happen to anyone, everywhere. The audience can witness the outcome of young filmmakers’ commitment to expose the many questions and facts about our homeless population, especially our children.

The students not only learned the technical aspects of filmmaking, they observed street people, worked at a food bank, interviewed homeless young people, spoke with former homeless adults and learned life lessons.

Mr. Farid and Ms. Grodner Seidenstein also will show a trailer for another of their programs, Shine the Light: Violence and Bullying Prevention Program.

Their production company, NoCane Inc., was asked to come to Baltimore, Md., in May to address 300 students after a middle schooler attempted to jump from a classroom window due to being bullied by three other children.

Mr. Farid noted that, “Violence and bullying in schools have reached epidemic proportions throughout the country, and as responsible adults, each one of us must make a commitment to become involved. It is mandatory that this is a collective movement to include our political leaders, educators, family members, community and celebrities, who could have an enormous impact on our youth.”

“As compassionate and innovative educators, we must offer effective strategies, a healthy and nurturing environment and hope for children,” Ms. Seidenstein added.

Trailers for other NoCane films previously shown on the Vineyard, including A Pillar of Salt: The Angry Woman Syndrome and Darfur: Too Dark Too Far are online at nocane.com.