Friday, August 13: Hazy morning. East wind. Temperature rises to the high 70s. Sunny. Fair weather cumulus clouds over Telegraph Hill. Starry night.

Saturday, August 14: Cool morning. Air is crisp. Temperature starts in the mid 50s. A bright-clear-sunny, late summer day. The air is dry. High flying cirrus clouds move slowly over the West Tisbury Farmers’ Market. A cloud of dust follows a car driving down a dirt road. A small parade of motorcycles head up-Island in the afternoon.

Sunday, August 15: Wind shifts to southwest. Choppy seas off West Chop. Clear. Tomato ripens on a vine in Vineyard Haven under a hot sun. Temperature in the high 70s.

Monday, August 16: Cloudy. Skies are threatening. Damp. Rain in Vineyard Haven. No rain in Edgartown. Brief periods of sunshine in the afternoon. Partly sunny skies in the late afternoon. Clouds increase in evening. Muggy. A hint of yellow appears on bittersweet leaves near the old Edgartown dump.

Tuesday, August 17: A clap of thunder early in the morning. Multiple thunderstorms rumble slowly across the Island. Little rain in Edgartown. More rain in Vineyard Haven. Last clap of thunder is heard at dawn. Mostly overcast morning. Light breeze in Edgartown harbor at lunch time. Boats drift aimlessly at their moorings, between shifting currents. Dark clouds move over the Island in the late afternoon. At night Oak Bluffs town is bustling. Lights, loud talking, slices of pizza and ice cream cones define the fun of night. Few stars.

Wednesday, August 18: Light northeast breeze in the morning. Overcast. Leaden stratus clouds blanket the Island. Dozens of terns form a shifting fast moving cloud over Katama Bay. Norton Point beach has few sunbathers. Feels like rain. Cloudy afternoon. Wind shifts to southerly.

Thursday, August 19: An east wind brings back clouds in the morning. Overcast and a slight chance of rain. Temperature in the 60s.