Meet the executive producer of Precious, the Academy Award-winning film directed by Lee Daniels, on Saturday, August 21, at 10 a.m. at the Harbor View Hotel. Hosted by the Weekend Renewing America’s Promise, the event includes a preview and discussion of a new movie underway led by Lisa Cortes, executive producer of Precious, and filmmakers Lisa Collins, Mark Schwartzburt and Maxim Thorne, founder of WRAP. The topic for discussion is Can We Create Change and Social Justice through Film?

The talk will consider how films are created that are artful and also socially conscious; films can use their entertainment value and popular appeal as a way to draw attention to social issues and stimulate dialogue. Mr. Schwartzburt’s and Ms. Collins’ documentary provides a lens to explore race and the American dream through the story of early film entrepreneur Oscar Micheaux and the town of Gregory, S.D., which has adopted him as an unlikely son in their celebration of his legacy of silent films in a yearly film festival. The clash of cultures and characters will provide a platform to engage audiences in a conversation about race.