An 83-year-old woman emerged without injuries after her car rolled over on North Road in West Tisbury on Saturday.

Shortly after noon, West Tisbury police responded to a call about a 2004 Volkswagen Bug that had veered off the shoulder of the first bend in North Road heading toward Chilmark. The sole occupant of the car was Lucille W. Plotz of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Chilmark, who was found unharmed when first responders arrived. She was transported to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for examination where she was later released, police said.

Recovering the car proved to be a more difficult task. Tow trucks tried and ultimately failed to drag the car back onto the road from its position six feet down off the shoulder of the road. Police said a front-end loader was used to maneuver the car back onto the road where it was flipped over and towed away. Police are still investigating the cause of the accident.

In Chilmark on Sunday afternoon a car traveling southbound on the Menemsha Crossroad lost control, hit a utility pole and continued down the road before swerving into an oncoming vehicle. The accident resulted in no injuries but the collision broke the utility pole at its base, leaving the rest of it suspended by live wires. Traffic was briefly shut down on the Crossroad Sunday as NSTAR employees worked to secure the broken pole.