They need no introduction, certainly not on the Vineyard.

Nat Benjamin and Ross Gannon, the well-known Vineyard Haven boatbuilders and owners of Gannon and Benjamin Marine Railway, were honored last night at The Grange Hall in West Tisbury with the prestigious Creative Living Award, the annual honorarium given in memory of the late Ruth Bogan to an Islander who exemplifies the Vineyard way of life.

More than 100 friends and family members attended, including a number of respected wooden boat captains.

“Anyone who has sailed on one of their boats has felt a sense of pride watching heads turn in admiration as they sail by, and when the fellow sailor calls out — who built her? — and are told G& B, they nod their heads understandably,” said Emily Bramhall, a board member for the Permanent Endowment Fund of Martha’s Vineyard who led the ceremony. “I believe the sense of pride extends right out into the Vineyard community, whether you own one of their boats or not,” she said.

“Only on Martha’s Vineyard, can you do what you want to do, and call it a job,” said Nat Benjamin. “It is a real honor,” said Ross Gannon.