Edgartown police have identified a person of interest in the arson and burglary case on Dunham Road; police also have seized cutting tools they believe may have been used in the early morning hours of Sept. 27 when a fire was deliberately set and propane gas lines were cut in the guest house owned by E. Burke Ross.

Police said this week they are focusing on a person who lives on property owned by the Vose family trust at 41 Dunham Road, directly next door to the Ross home. No names have been released and no arrests have been made.

Police also said they now believe the aggressive act of arson was an isolated incident with no wider implications for the town or the Island.

“At this point in time I would consider this an isolated incident,” said Edgartown police Det. Chris Dolby, who is leading the investigation for the town.

Mr. Dolby confirmed that police have identified a person of interest in connection with the crime who was in residence on the Vose property at the time of the incident. Mr. Dolby said he believes the person is a member of the Vose family. In a press statement released on Tuesday police said a search warrant was executed for the Vose property, and five cutting tools were seized from a home on the property. The tools have been sent to the state police crime lab for analysis along with the other evidence previously collected at the scene.

“We have conducted numerous interviews of all people who have had access to the property including family, friends, employees, contractors, etc.,” said a press statement released by police on Tuesday this week. “We have conducted a thorough canvass of the neighborhood including interviews with neighbors and contractors working in the area. We have also conducted interviews with emergency personnel that responded and worked the scene that night . . . As a result of those interviews a person of interest developed and our investigation focused on the property next door.”

The Ross guest house on Dunham Road was broken into sometime in the early hours on Sept. 27, a Monday. Police said burglars started a fire inside the house, cut a line to a propane tank connected to a heater, causing the house to fill with flammable propane gas, and turned on an electric kitchen oven in an apparent attempt to accelerate the fire.

Edgartown police officer Michael Snowden, the first person to arrive on the scene, saw flames, broke into the house and extinguished the blaze that had been set on a pool table. Mr. Snowden, who was unaware of the volatile situation with the propane tank line that had been cut, was later cited for his quick action in averting what police and firefighters said could have been a disaster of much larger proportions.

No one was home at the time of the incident; Mr. Ross lives in Edgartown and Palm Beach, Fla. He has offered a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case.

A number of items were stolen from the house, including stereo equipment and valuable scrimshaw. No stolen items have yet been recovered, Detective Dolby said. He also said a police crime tip hotline (774-310-1190, call or text)) and e-mail address (crimetips@edgartown-ma.us) remain open to the public, but so far have yielded no useful information.

“Nothing that plays into this case,” he said, adding: “But we continue to talk with people; there are little things here and loose ends to tie up through more interviews. We are still hoping someone will come forward.”