Brussels sprouts and turnips will get their 15 minutes of fame next week when Susie Middleton of West Tisbury kicks off her Thanksgiving holiday with a guest spot onthe Martha Stewart Show, where she’ll demonstrate quick-roasting techniques for vegetables. 

“I’m on the day before Thanksgiving, which is a great spot for a cookbook author, so I’m pretty psyched,” Ms. Middleton said this week. “Martha is a big proponent of what I like to espouse — cook and eat more at home. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Author of the best-selling new veggie cookbook Fast, Fresh & Green, Ms. Middleton is a recent transplant to the Vineyard after a decade at the helm of Fine Cooking magazine. Now editor at large for Fine Cooking and hard at work on her second cookbook — this one on vegetable main dishes, due out next year — she also blogs about local food and home cooking for the Green Page of the online news Web site The Huffington Post. Busy as she is, when she got the call to join Ms. Stewart in front of a live studio audience, she couldn’t pass it up.

“When you get an opportunity to appear on a national TV show — especially one that’s hosted by a fabulous cook — you don’t say no,” she wrote this week on her blog, “The producers of the Martha Stewart Show are real pros, and I feel lucky to be on a quality program that values home cooking.”

The show, which broadcasts on the Hallmark Channel, can be seen live at 10 a.m. next Wednesday, Nov. 24, and re-broadcasts again at 2 p.m. Ms. Middleton plans to discuss three quick-roasting recipes from Fast, Fresh & Green: turnips and pears in a rosemary-honey drizzle, acorn squash with vanilla, maple syrup and cardamom, and Brussels sprouts with an orange butter sauce.

“They’re really easy and delicious and don’t take much time,” she said. “I love that I can help people dial back the panic on Thanksgiving.”

When she’s not discussing cooking techniques with Martha Stewart, Ms. Middleton says she is happiest “growing, preparing, cooking and serving really delicious vegetables” at home on the Vineyard.