Lose Weight, Win Big

New Year’s resolutions, so common and yet so very, very fleeting.

I will cure my Facebook addiction, learn Swahili, write a children’s book, climb Kilimanjaro, become an expert fencer, save the blue-footed boobies singlehandedly, chew thoughtfully, walk slower, breathe deeper and, and . . . Ah heck, pass the booze and smokes. I’m done with all that.

But wait; there is another way. Instead of going it alone the YMCA is offering a helping hand to keep motivation alive. At least for 12 days. It’s their first annual health and wellness competition. Interested members are divided into groups competing for points earned by losing weight and getting fit. Personal trainers, on hand at no extra charge, lead their teams to make sure everyone gets the most out of the competition. The only catch — you have to provide weight and body measurements at the start to see the change from whence you came to where you will be at the end of 12 days.

The competition runs from Jan. 10 to 21. For more information, visit ymcamv.org.