The final Family, Film, Feast event of the season takes place Saturday, Feb. 5 at 5 p.m. at the Chilmark Community Center.

Those who attended the last go-around earlier this month are still rubbing our stomachs filled joyfully with Indian food care of Kitchen Porch and Slow Food. Those who were otherwise occupied would be well served to check out what they’ve been missing.

The food is an adult smorgasbord, this time it’s a Tunisian theme, but the night truly belongs to the kids. The movies, a group of shorts selected by curator Lindsey Scott, director of children’s programming at the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival, are geared for all ages from toddlers to ants-in-the-pants adolescents.

There’s a big comfy mat down front. Kids lie back in each other’s arms, a giant Twister game come to rest. The movies range from wacky and joyfully creative to furrowed-brow thoughtful. See the kid critic review for a rundown of the films.

The evening will begin with a drumming extravaganza with Rick Bausman and friends. Everyone is invited to join in.

Tickets are free for members. Nonmembers pay $10 for adults and $5 for kids. Dinner is sold separately; adult meals cost $12, kids are $6.