New Year’s resolutions seem to come at the wrong time. It’s the middle of a dark and dreary Island winter. Who wants to turn over a new leaf when just smiling seems to require an extra burst of energy?

But how about a spring resolution? The sun is getting friendlier, feeling a bit warmer and not retiring to bed so early. Crocuses will be pushing their way into the party soon. It’s just easier to embrace a change of direction when birdsongs rather than cold north winds wake us from our slumber.

But still, resolutions are always hard to do alone.

Starting on Tuesday, Feb. 22 and running through March 1 you don’t have to do it alone. Jan Buhrman, Dr. Kristine Kopp, DC, and Claire Parkhurst LMT, RYT are putting together a restorative cleansing program designed to help you discover just how good you can feel.

The cost is $210 and includes all the supplements you will need for the cleanse plus one cooking class and a group meal, one yoga class, one detoxifying chiropractic treatment and two oxygenating foot baths.

For more information and to register, visit or call 508-645-5000.