Everything you always wanted to know about health but were afraid to ask is available on Saturday, March 12 from 8 a.m. to noon at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital’s annual health fair.

Each year the hospital invites health and human services from around the Island to help increase awareness about health issues and promote healthy lifestyles.

Get your cholesterol, eyes, bone density, prostate and hearing checked. Learn more about the importance of hand hygiene, tick-related diseases and how acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapy can increase wellness. Get a skin cancer screening or just make like an EMT and take a tour of the ambulance. The day is packed with hands-on help by trained professionals looking to make sure your body functions at its highest level.

There will be tours of the hospital. It’s a big place, better to walk the halls now with a guide so as to not get lost during a real emergency. Besides, when else can you check out an operating room as a visitor rather than Exhibit A.

The pediatric clinic will also be open for tours. This is a good chance not only to get acquainted with the clinic but also familiarize children with the hospital so they feel more comfortable when they really need to visit. Lure them in with the promise of meeting the Tooth Fairy, who will be in attendance handing out free gifts for kids.

Essentially the morning is an opportunity to visit each and every area of the hospital from maternity to dialysis and talk with doctors and nurses in a relaxed setting.

Yoga teachers and life skills consultants will also be available to give advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and thereby increasing the odds of not visiting the hospital under more extreme circumstances.

For a complete list of events visit mvhospital.com and click the Stay Healthy link or call 508-693-4645.