Summer is here. The weather has been great, the summer kids are here looking for jobs, the traffic is increasing and the sirens go by at least once a day. But the best thing is your summer friends are here and the sound of the surf is in your ears and the sun is on your face. The season has begun.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Kevin Cleary, Amber Cuthbert, Rowan Gruffydd and Isabella Vasiliadis, who all celebrated their day June 26; Jessyca Hernandez and Aidan Smith, June 30; and to Malik Magnuson and Abner Oliveira, who celebrate today, July 1.

Special birthday wishes go to Mackenna Metell, who celebrated her first birthday on June 24 with family and friends including her big sister Annabelle and big brother Maximus.

Special anniversary wishes to Melanie and Nick Prescott, who celebrated their first anniversary this past week.

Happy anniversary wishes go out to David and Nancy Prichard, who celebrated their 50th anniversary on June 27. The couple was feted at a party at their home with many family and friends from here and off-Island. Here is to many more years together.

Beth and Robert A. Mintz 2nd of Charleston, S.C., and their children, Tripp and Katherine, return this weekend to the Mintz family cottage, with guests Anna and J.E. Wallace 3rd, also from Charleston.

I think the big news of the Island this week is the Stanley Cup coming to the Vineyard. It arrived at the airport greeted by the high school hockey teams, then traveled to Edgartown. It was in many places in downtown Edgartown and was not missed by many. On Sunday morning it arrived at the Edgartown School at 9 a.m. As we live two houses away from the school, we can testify that people started arriving at 6:30 a.m. By the time the cup got to the school, the line was down to the ball field.

The cup arrived in style on top of the old Mack fire truck from Mattakesett and sirens from the police escort. The applause and cheers were loud and the faces priceless. I think the most effective time was when the patrolmen were walking down the line with the cup; they stopped at a man who had just been put in his wheelchair to get in line and the patrolmen stopped and put it in his lap for a picture. The whole line cheered and applauded at this memorable moment.

I know that there are many people young and old who will never forget this special time they were given by some very generous people.

There was an error in the time given for Susan’s upcoming event with Habitat for Humanity. The correct time is 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 9, at the high school Performing Arts Center.

If you go by Barbara Magnuson’s house next week, walk quietly. Barbara has been enjoying being a grammy this past week to her twin granddaughters, Mallory and Madeline. She is smiling ear to ear as she walks the two in the stroller down the street. She also admits she had forgotten what it is like to have 12-month-old babies around. She loves every minute of it, but I am sure she will need a good rest when mom and dad, Leah and Joe D’Amato, return to collect their children.

I wish you all a very happy and safe Fourth of July. Have a great time at the parade and fireworks. Remember if you need a ride to call a friend or a taxi to keep everyone safe.

Have a great week, and keep the home candles burning.