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Ken Blacklow and I go back a long way. We have been neighbors for close to 40 years, which has enabled me to watch him grow up. We have played tennis together since he was a teenager. He also worked for me as comanager of the tennis club when I was board president.

So I have many reasons to be proud of him, but none more than now. He currently works as a partner in a management consulting firm in New York city, but his passion is providing educational opportunity for disadvantaged children. Seven years ago he, along with 10 other community volunteers, founded the Bronx Lighthouse Charter School.

Located in the South Bronx in New York city, this kindergarten through grade 12 school serves a student body where more than 90 per cent of its members receive free or reduced lunch. Its curriculum is college preparatory. On the first day of classes, every entering kindergartener must announce the college that he or she hopes to attend. The school also has a unique focus of integrating the arts into all subjects within the curriculum.

Student test results at the school are significantly higher than comparable scores for the district at large. These results, plus its community friendly atmosphere, have made the school immensely popular. There are more than 1,000 applications each year for 44 places in the two kindergarten classes. Students are chosen by lottery.

Because of Ken’s dedicated work on the board for the Bronx charter school, he was asked to serve on the national Lighthouse Academies board. Lighthouse Academies has founded 14 similar charter schools in six states and Washington D.C. Serving on these two boards in addition to his work as a management consultant keeps Ken extremely busy. It is nice that much of this work can be done at home, which enables him to spend a good part of his summer at East Chop.

Freda Moon writes about our own Jane Lewis in a recent travel article in the New York Times. Freda ran into Jane this winter in Taboga, Panama where Jane was spending a month’s vacation. It won’t surprise you to learn that Jane was there scouring the beaches for sea glass. Freda was impressed. Jane gathered up 38 pounds while she was there. Right now the glass is on display in her home, but she plans to use some of it to make jewelry. Jane has several jars and shaped bottles of sea glass on display at the beach club.

Finally, if you’re at a party with live music and Jeff Riotte’s there, get ready to be entertained. Jeff on the harmonica is a rare treat. He took it up 10 years ago after years of piano lessons and playing the guitar. He has played with several bands on the Island in addition to performing at East Chop parties. “It’s just thoroughly enjoyable,” Jeff says, “and so handy. It fits right in my pocket.” Jeff has made the best sounds come from the tiniest of instruments.