President Obama was briefed today on preparations for the expected arrival of powerful Hurricane Irene, but has no plans at this stage to cut short his vacation on the Vineyard, a Presidential spokesman said this morning.

Speaking from the press center at the Mansion House in Vineyard Haven, principal deputy press secretary Josh Earnest said the President was updated on action being taken by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Department of Homeland Security, which have been underway for several days, during his regular morning briefing with national and homeland security adviser John Brennan.

There had been close consultation with state and local authorities all up and down the eastern seaboard to ensure communities were prepared, Mr. Earnest said.

Recent forecasts of the hurricane’s likely path suggest it could strike just to the west of the Vineyard, on the Rhode Island Coast this weekend. President Obama and his family are due to leave the Vineyard Saturday.

Emergency management leaders on the Vineyard are already busy preparing for the storm.

Mr. Earnest said FEMA efforts at this stage were concentrated in Virginia and North Carolina, where response teams had been predeployed. Food and water were being stockpiled in Atlanta.

Mr. Earnest said Mr. Brennan also spoke to the President about overnight developments in Libya, where rebel forces appear to have taken control from the 42-year Qadhafi regime. He said there were no plans to put American troops on the ground in Libya, but America was moving to offer other help to the nascent new government, including freeing up some $1.5 billion in frozen Libyan assets.

The President also was briefed by Brian Deese, deputy director of the National Economic Council, on overnight developments in international markets, and progress toward a major economic address the President will give after Labor Day.

The President also conducted a conference call with General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt and American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault, the chairman and cochairman of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

Mr. Obama had “sought their input on the policy process now under way related to the economic address,” Mr. Earnest said.