The Legend of Moshup will be held at 20 Black Brook Road on Saturday evening at dusk. Learn about the creation story of the Aquinnah Wampanoag through the legends passed down from generations through oral history. Tickets are $8 for adults, $3 for elders and children, $20 for a family of four or more, and free to tribal members with their identification card.

Sunday is Family Day at the Tribal Building, weather permitting. This is an opportunity for tribal families to gather for an afternoon of fun and activities and luncheon. Games will be played by the children and lunch will be an outdoor barbecue. Families will look forward to gathering between 1 and 4 p.m. — no hurricane will be allowed to visit!

Reverand David D. Cockcroft will be the guest preacher on Sunday, August 28 at the 9 a.m. service at Chilmark Church while Reverend Arlene Bodge has time away. Rev. Cockcroft recently preached at the memorial service for the late Reverend Peter R. Sanborn, who ministered to us in Aquinnah for eight and a half years.

Chilmark Church will have lobster rolls for the next three Tuesdays from 4:30 to 7 p.m. Not to be missed, a lobster roll, beverage, potato chips, and home baked chocolate chip cookies can be had, all for only $14 for a great cause.

Congratulations to the Martha’s Vineyard Chapter of the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists for their honorable mention at the fair. It was a first time — next year will be much more illustrious. The table was manned by chapter president Marna Waller and assisted by various members. Fairgoers showed a lot of interest in becoming members over the winter and working on family trees, histories and organizing photographs for the next generations. We were pleased to share a table with Vineyard-shaped delicacies prepared by the Schlossberg family, who also received a ribbon for their contribution.

Max Butler, son of Lenny and Mallory, and his band, Vostek, performed at the fair on Thursday evening with about 50 of his loyal Aquinnah family, friends and neighbors. Joining Max, who was on keyboard, were vocalist Sean George, son of Cheryl Bernard and John George and grandson of his cheering grandmother, Rosalie Leonard Bernard, guitarist Ryan Correira, son of Jeanne Zadeh and Michael Correira and grandson of Mary Zadeh, and their friend Matthew Foster on drums. Needless to say we were all delighted with their performance.

Molly Fischer, daughter of Albert and Linda Fischer, has left for her freshman year studies at Ithaca College. Among other things, she will be a member of the lacrosse team.

Evan Hall will be heading to Boston for his freshman year at Berklee School of Music. He is the second student from the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School to receive the Gates Millenium Scholarship, the first being Matthew Scott, also of Aquinnah. Evan is the son of Saskia Vanderhoop of Aquinnah and Norman Hall of Oak Bluffs.

Joseph Vanderhoop Lee, son of Marshall Lee and Martha Vanderhoop, will be heading to his freshman year studies at Columbia University. He will be heading to Columbia on the August 27 for one week of orientation. One of his Newton South High School classmates, David Melly, was the winner of the Chilmark Road Race this year, coming in first in a race with 1,470 runners. David has enjoyed an annual visit with JoJo at their Aquinnah home for many years.

Samuel Vanderhoop Lee, son of Marshall Lee and Martha Vanderhoop, has completed his summer internship in Manhattan. He will leave shortly for his senior year studies at Yale University. In the meantime, Sam and his friend since kindergarten, Alex Caplow, are trying to complete another album of their music as the Magic Man Band. Alex will head off to Tufts University to complete his studies.

Noah James Manning had fun at the fair over the weekend. He won another red ribbon this year for his blueberry and lemon scones which were mouth, watering. Noah also won a ribbon for his long-haired domestic orange and white fluffy cat, Scratch. This week it is Felix Neck Wildlife Camp with his little friend Oona Carroll.

Matthew Scott, son of Francis and Linda, is still deciding whether to remain on the Vineyard or to move to Washington, D.C. Matthew graduated from Dartmouth College as the first Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School student to receive the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship. For now, he has put his plans of graduate school on hold.

Michael Sellitti Jr. has returned to his junior year studies at Highpoint College in North Carolina. Michael, the son of Michael Sr. and Cheryl Vanderhoop Sellitti, has spent his summer working at Up-Island Auto where he has been for the past few summers.

Jessica Shafer and her daughter, Isabelle Lumb, returned to their winter home in Boca Raton, Fla., on Tuesday after spending the summer at their home in East Pasture overlooking Menemsha Pond.

Tiffany Smalley, daughter of Jay and Millicent Smalley, has moved to Washington, D.C., to work as an intern at the National Congress of American Indians. Tiffany was the first Wampanoag to graduate from Harvard in more than 360 years.

Justin Stottmeister, nephew of Marshall Lee and Martha Vanderhoop, has returned to his home in Rockville, Md., after spending the summer with them in Aquinnah and working at the HatMarCha Shop. Justin will return to his studies at Frostburg State College in Maryland. His father, Henry, and wife, Norena, were here over the weekend to accompany Justin on his journey home.

Welcome to Sage Surner and his friend, Ken, who have arrived for a brief stay at the home of Gladys Widdiss. They certainly appear to be enjoying themselves while here and lots of beach time.

Dawn Widdiss returned to Natick on Wednesday after spending the past week with her mother, Gladys Widdiss, and visiting with her brothers, Don and Carl. Her beautiful, silky-haired Irish setter, Aquinnah, won a blue ribbon at the fair on Sunday.

Congratulations to Elmer Forrest Vanderhoop, who will be retiring as an emergency medical technician having served across the Vineyard for the past 27 years.

Lisa Bibko Vanderhoop feels as though her life is just going to the dogs lately. In addition to her 2012 Vineyard Dogs calendar on shelves across the Vineyard, including at 7a Foods, Lisa was asked to videotape the dog show at the fair on Sunday and also to judge the dog show.

Naushon Vanderhoop returned to her home in Brooklyn on Sunday after spending the weekend with her mother, Roxanne Ackerman, and siblings Diamond, Durwood and Faith as well as her niece, Billie Diamond. Of course she enjoyed the fair as well.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Geraldine Brooks will be at the Aquinnah Cultural Center on August 31 at 6 p.m. for a roundtable discussion regarding her book, Caleb’s Crossing. Thank you very much. There are several in the tribe who do not agree with Geraldine and have repeatedly been bashing her. Those educated people in Aquinnah remind everyone it is just a novel but there are those who are part of the regime who do not like anything, no matter what it is.

As of mid-week, we are all concerned about the approaching hurricane. Please be safe and be sure to have emergency necessities in stock just in case. If you are unsure, please check with your emergency manager in your respective community. Have plenty of batteries on hand as well as candles, canned foods and an opener, as well as water and other liquids to remain hydrated. Also, please leave your windows open a bit; we have since learned that a fireplace creates the same effect with the wind. If this storm is going to be like Hurricane Bob 20 years ago, Aquinnah was really unscathed with the exception of sand across the road at Lobsterville. We lost our power for five days as the utility poles along South Road in Chilmark were virtually horizontal. Other than that, I really remember sitting in our living room and enjoying the slight wind which had been predicted to reach 125 mph. Be safe, and let us hope it goes out to sea.

Happy 51st anniversary wishes to Dr. Gary Zwicky and his wife, Elaine, as they observe their special day on August 28.

Happy 27th anniversary wishes to Steve and Trudy Vanderhoop Garvin as they celebrate on August 31.

A very special Happy Birthday wish to Aunt Alice Rose, who will be 101 on August 29. Dawn Widdiss, Oliver Noble and Tom Bramkamp will all party on August 29.

Reverend David Cockcroft will observe a major milestone on August 30 while on holiday in Aquinnah as he has enjoyed for many years. He is actually very proud and happy to be celebrating his 80th. Troy Vanderhoop Sr. will party on August 30 and shares the day with Daniel Spitz Lee and Christina Marie Orfe.

Another very special Happy Birthday wish this week to Beatrice Vanderhoop Gentry, who will be 101 years old on August 31. Todd Vanderhoop and Cynthia Akins also will celebrate on August 31.

Clyde Smith, son of Jed and Nonie, will be seven years old on Sept. 2 and shares the day with Edward Ben David Sr.