Your presence is requested at the Aquinnah Special Town Meeting on Tuesday evening, Sept. 27 at 7 p.m. A quorum of 40 voters is needed to complete the financial business for the fiscal year. In particular, the Tri-Town Ambulance budget, Aquinnah Police Department financial business, the Social Security and Medicare payments from the treasurer, the use of Community Preservation Act funds to contribute to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission budget to fund a housing study, to pay for the rental of storage space of town records, and to hire a title examiner to clear some of the land titles in Aquinnah. The meeting should take less than an hour, so please try to attend and bring a neighbor or two with you. If you no longer reside in Aquinnah, please remember to have your name removed from the voting list which is what generates those summons for juror service that were recently mailed out and require you to respond within 10 days. If you are not here and we do not have a forwarding address, the fine is quite substantial, so please update your voter registration.

The Living Local Harvest Festival will be held on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, featuring hunting, fishing, farming and gathering. Vineyard elders will have an opportunity to reminisce about Island traditions when storyteller Susan Klein moderates discussions with agriculturists Elisha Smith and Paul Jackson. Coffee and dessert will be served at the Grange during the evening discussions.

Phyllis Conway reminds us all that the critically acclaimed Boston String Quartet will perform at the Chilmark Community Church on Sunday, Oct. 2 at 4 p.m. for the benefit of the music fund. It will be a program of contemporary music from around the world — from jazz to folk. Tickets are $15, or $5 for those age 18 and younger. For reservations, please call 508-645-9471.

Congratulations to the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School class of 1961. It has been nice catching up with a few of the members of the Class over the past few weeks. They are all ageless!

Beverly Evans and her family were the hosts of members of Michelle Laurie’s family while they were here for Michelle’s memorial service. Beverly would often visit with Michelle while she was a patient at Spaulding Rehab Hospital and at Massachusetts General Hospital.

All the best to Celeste Glavin, daughter of James Glavin and Penelope Huff, who has been recruited for a special project in Switzerland. Celeste has recently graduated from Lehigh University and will spend a few weeks in Switzerland working and touring.

Ellen Harrison is enjoying a few more weeks of the season at her Aquinnah home before heading south for the winter.

Congratulations and all the best to Nick and Aliza Madden, who were just married in Manchester, Vt. They enjoyed their honeymoon on the Vineyard, spending four nights at the Charlotte Inn and four nights at the Outermost Inn. They attended Skidmore College together and will now reside in Manhattan.

Aquinnah artist and photographer Noah Mayrand opened at the Sovereign Bank at Beetlebung Corner this past week. His collection of black and white photography and his Collection of Art Instillation of a Web will remain up through Nov. 5 so please stop in to see his work. Noah, a recent graduate of the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston, will also show some of his screenprints and other images.

Congratulations to Laurie Perry-Henry and her Aquinnah Judicial Department. Laurie, the judicial coordinator, has successfully brought in more than $1 million in grants in the past year for the tribal judicial system.

Happy birthday wishes to Felix Pollard, who enjoyed his fifth birthday on Sept. 13 while visiting from London. Felix, his parents Jeremy and Charlotte, and his sister, Lilly, were the guests of Mitzi Pratt and Flip Scipio, as was Anika Hudson, a guest. Mitzi and Flip invited in several five-year-old children from Aquinnah including Noah Manning, Olive MacPhail and Violet MacPhail, to wish Felix a very happy fifth.

Whitney Swolinzky has been home for the summer with her mother, Wendy Swolinzky, and has been working at the Outermost Inn. Whitney graduated from Stanford University in 2010 and spent the winter in San Francisco. Her new winter career plans are undecided at the moment.

Captain William D. Vanderhoop Jr. and his wife, Lisa Bibko-Vanderhoop, were the guests of their longtime friend, Dr. Charles Ogletree, during the recent visit of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Captain Buddy had been anticipating taking President Obama on a fishing expedition during each of his visits but due to weather and an impending hurricane, the fishing trip has never occurred. Instead, they did enjoy meeting at the Ogletree home.

Happy 15th anniversary wishes to Jeffrey Connelly and his wife, Megan (Palmer), who celebrated their special day at the Outermost Inn where they had spent their honeymoon on Sept. 27, 1996. Jeff and Megan were young summer neighbors around the Tabernacle Camp Ground and then moved to their new home above Sunset Lake in Oak Bluffs. They still enjoy their summer vacations on the Vineyard as they have for years and their winters in Groton, Conn., where Jeff serves with the National Guard after having served in Iraq.

Happy seventh anniversary wishes to Jennifer Butler and Kevin Sheehan as they celebrate their special day on Sept. 25.

Happy 20th anniversary wishes to Derrill Bazzy and Joanne Eccher as they celebrate their special day on Sept. 27.

Happy 26th anniversary to Joe and Linda Hobbs as they celebrate on Sept. 28.

Happy 72nd anniversary wishes to Garth W. and Ollie N. Edwards as they celebrate their very special day on Sept. 30 while with family and friends at their home in Essex, Conn. What a grand celebration for Garth and Ollie.

Happy birthday wishes to Leslie Clapp as she observes her special day today while at work as the director of the Martha’s Vineyard Center for Living. Aquinnah summer resident Michael Donaroma will celebrate a major milestone today while the rest of us wait to see what he has planned for Donaroma’s new exhibit.

Jeffrey Madison will party on Sept. 24. Eleonora Plamenova Duncheva will be two years old on Sept. 25. James Sanfilippo and Ann Weingarner also celebrate on the 25th.

Sarah Thulin, Gretchen Webber-Gebb, Hillary Smith, and Spa Tharpe will all party on Sept. 26. Paul O’Donnell, Dennis Rose, and Dr. Jason Lew will all celebrate on Sept. 27. Kathleen Smith Wallen will party on Sept. 28. Edwin John Vanderhoop will party on Sept. 30.