The holiday weekend weather was delightful, bright, sunny and downright warm for this time of the year. Beaches were packed with swimmers. The temperature on Sunday reached 84 degrees breaking a record set in 1942. Monday found temperatures in the mid-70s. It was busy on this last holiday weekend and restaurants were packed with diners. On Saturday the Grill on Main had a brief waiting line if you did not make a reservation. There were yard sales just about everywhere in town over the weekend. The sunset, regrettably, is now just before 6 p.m. and dropping faster each day. Daylight saving time ends and standard time begins on Nov. 7, when we will plunge into darkness around 5 o’clock.

Pumpkins and Halloween decorations now grace many front lawns around town and it is about time to shut off the outside water taps and put the garden hose away for the winter. The leaves have already begun to turn but not with brilliant colors, as we have seen in past years, more than likely because it was so dry this summer and the salt spray from the storms.

Sig Van Raan of Music street reports that September was as busy as August for visitors. Susan’s daughter, Emma Rose, came with her boyfriend, Mike, as did Mike’s parents. They surprised them with the news of their engagement; a small wedding is planned in New York later in the winter. They also had the Richardsons of Wilmington, Del., an old high school friend with whom he had reconnected over the Internet, and also visiting were the Kirschners of New York, old college friends.

The kids have long gone — Sofia is in Barcelona, Spain, where she has a job teaching and tutoring English and Jackson is back at University of Redlands in California.

Susan has been traveling back and forth to New York visiting her mom who just turned 98 and overseeing the renovation of their new apartment. That’s all the news from their house for now!

Phyllis Meras of Music street had several guests over the holiday weekend. Last year she traveled to Cuba with a small group and invited many of them to visit her sometime. Myriam Victoria from New York city, Becky Allman and her husband Robert Murray of the Florida Keys, and Kerri Schmidt of Boston arrived last weekend and did they ever experience wonderful weather. Phyllis baked a cake for someone’s birthday, they did a lot of sightseeing, checked out the shops, cooked seafood and had a wonderful time. Phyllis’s friend Sal Laterra arrived on Wednesday to spend the weekend with her.

Shirley Mayhew, of Look’s Pond Road reports that Todd Follansbee and Deborah and Katie Mayhew returned home on Sunday from a quick trip to London. On Friday night Katie sang Being Alive at the Cadogan Theatre in the second annual Inspiration Awards and Breast Cancer fund-raiser. On Oct. 30, the British company, led by the director Michael Strassen, will put on the show at Royce Hall in Los Angeles and Katie will join them to sing Being Alive and Feelin’ Good.

Bruce Carlton and his significant other, Julia Roundy, of Vacaville, Calif., made their annual visit to the Vineyard last week. Bruce enjoyed fishing and caught a 10-pound bluefish. His nephew Alex arrived on Friday with several guests: Rick and Katie Reilly and their son Colin from Philadelphia, Pa., Michelle Farber and her son Max from Beverly, Cya Rabinowitz, John Kefner and Christine Carito, all from New York city. Alex reports that they enjoyed the beautiful weather, the beach, running, the Applefest, seafood and pork dinners fit for a king. She also made several batches of delicious cookies.

Peggy Stone over at the park and recreation committee reports that fall yoga sessions begin on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at the church parish house. Call 508-696-0147 to register. Also the annual Halloween party will be held Monday, Oct. 31, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Agricultural Hall.

Lynne Ditchfield, over at Adult and Community Education (ACE MV), reports that fall classes are beginning.

Paul Karasik reports that tomorrow night the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School will take over Nectar’s for a celebration of the Fabulous 50s. Put on your poodle skirt and dust off your leather jacket! There will be a silent auction from 6 to 8 p.m., and a zany live auction begins at 8 p.m. with auctioneers Laura Sargent Hall and Paul Karasik, who will wear a foot-tall wig. See the entire list of cool items at: Admission is $25 and includes pizza and a salad bar. Call 508-693-9900 for information.

Tara Whiting, town clerk, reports that Nov. 3 is the the last day to register to vote and participate in the special town meeting on Nov. 15.

On Oct. 14, 1949, Robin Elwell of Arrowhead Farm in Indian Hill was elected president of the Agricultural Society at their annual meeting at the Agricultural Hall. Polly Mayhew was elected secretary and William Pinney treasurer. Trustees elected were Albert O. Fisher Jr., his brother Arnold, Jesse Steere and Ted Meinelt. Mr. Meinelt was also appointed chairman of the 1950 fair. Mrs. Alice Mathewson read a report on the 1949 fair and a vote of thanks was given for her splendid work. It also was voted to mail out a questionnaire to the general public as a way to improve future fairs.

Happy birthday to: Jeanne Borggaard, Enos Ray, Samantha Gibson, Orlaith Estes and Shelia Rayyan today; Geoff Borr, Jon Nelson 3rd, Denise Page and Steven Barbee tomorrow; Edmund Mossey, John Washbrook, Eleanor Rodegast and Paul Lazes on Sunday; Richard Reinhardsen, Polly Bassett, Kate Hubbell, Jon Kinzel and Karen Francis on Monday; Kendra Yale, Cynthia Walsh and Gail Tipton on Tuesday; Bob Levine, Sara Dexter, John Early and Paul Galligan on Wednesday; Bob Doane, Linda Carnegie, Glen Gaskill, Eileen Andrews, Erich Luening, Ronnee Schultz and Jean Holenko on Thursday. Belated birthday wishes to Noah Block.

Well, that is all of the social news for this week’s edition. If you have any news please call or e-mail me. Have a great week.