Steve Morris of Oak Bluffs became a three-time derby winner on Sunday when he went home with a brand new 22-foot Eastern with an outboard an trailer for catching the largest bluefish from the shore, a 14.86-pounder.

Richard Penney, who caught a 46.15-pound striped bass from a boat, got the keys to a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck.

winners line up
Derby winners: Richard A. Penney, Steve G. Pierson, Domingo P. Canha, Pedro Guzman, Buddy Vanderhoop standing in for Charles Ogletree, Steve Morris, Jaemon Gillies, and Alexander O. Bettencourt — Mark Alan Lovewell

The two grand prize winners were among more than 100 fishermen who won prizes in the 66th annual Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish derby this year.

Derby president Ed Jerome praised the volunteers, sponsors and more than 2,700 fishermen who participated in the monthlong contest. A total of 1,163 bluefish, 461 striped bass, 331 false albacore and 248 bonito were weighed in.

Canha brothers
Domingo Canha, left, and his brother, Mike Canha, won a David Furino Award for their spirited fishing as brothers. Domingo won the derby with the largest bonito caught from a boat. — Mark Alan Lovewell

The derby ended Saturday night and an awards ceremony was held Sunday afternoon at Nectar’s where the fish stories were abundant, aided by plenty of Flatbread pizza and liquid refreshments.

When he won the grand prize, Mr. Morris thanked the derby for being a wonderful institution that he has participated in since his youth. “All of you make it happen,” he told the festive gathering.

junior derby winners
First place junior derby winners: Luke El-Deiry, Curtis J. Fournier, Wyatt Jenkinson, Michael B. Habekost, Brendan R. Morris, Katharine G. OBrien, and Jeremy Mercier. — Mark Alan Lovewell

Other top winners included: Charles J. Ogletree, largest bluefish caught from a boat (15.50 pounds); Steve G. Pierson, largest striped bass caught from the shore, (34.92 pound); Domingo P. Canha, largest bonito caught from a boat (9.79) pounds; Pedro Guzman, largest bonito caught from shore (7.39 pounds), Jaemon Gilies, largest false albacore from a boat (14.77 pounds); Alexander O. Bettencourt, largest false albacore caught from shore (15.38 pounds).