The Vineyard Haven home of retired 60 Minutes anchor Mike Wallace was sold early last month for $7 million.

The buyer is former Virginia governor and current commonwealth Sen. Mark Warner. Mr. Warner’s name does not appear on the real estate transaction but the trustee who handled the sale for the buyer is Nicholas D. Perrins, who worked for the Virginia Democrat in the private sector before he was elected governor.

The house was formerly owned by Kingman Brewster, the late president of Yale University. Mr. Wallace bought the house on Hatch Road fronting the Vineyard Haven harbor in 1989 for $1.45 million. The familiar CBS journalist from Sunday night television had been coming to the Vineyard since he was a child, and had rented in the summers before buying the Brewster house. “It was kind of a tumbledown house,” Mr. Wallace told the Martha’s Vineyard Magazine in 2004. “But the porch was there, the sailors’ bethel, the trees, the waterfront . . . Even as I talk I can see it and smell it and feel it . . . when the sun slants down from behind the house in the summer and you see the ferries coming by and the boats looking golden in the sunset, and you’re looking at the Sound — Mary and I sit there on the porch and think how lucky could we be?”

The neighborhood where Mr. Wallace lived was famously dubbed Writers’ Row because the late Art Buchwald, John Hersey and William Styron lived there along with Mr. Wallace; all were friends.

Mike and Mary Wallace renovated the house and grounds extensively. It has a dock, a private beach, 1.4 acres of land and sweeping views across Vineyard Haven harbor.

The sale took place on Oct. 6. At the time of the sale the property was assessed at $3.94 million.

Senator Warner was an early leader in the cellular telephone industry, co-founding the company that eventually became Nextel.

He served as governor of Virginia from 2002 to 2006 and was elected senator in 2008.

A press spokesman for the senator declined to comment on the purchase yesterday.