Next Thursday is, as everyone knows, the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in New York city. For the majority of us this mean a little couch time watching the floats roll by and the participants perform. But for Alley Ellis, an eighth grader at the Edgartown School, it means kicking it, literally, on national television.

Alley will be performing at the parade as part of Camp Broadway® Kids, a 120-member musical theatre ensemble. Camp Broadway auditioned young dancers in five states and Alley was chosen out of pool of thousands. In a way, this should come as no surprise to Vineyarders. Alley has been performing on the Island since the age of four. She studies voice with Joanne Cassidy, dance at RISE, and acting with IMP. Most recently, she performed a leading role in the Edgartown School play, Bluebeard.

That’s right, a journey from playing an imperiled bride facing a beheading to being part of a joyful dance routine headed to Herald Square in just two weeks.

On Saturday, Nov. 19, Alley travels to New York city to begin six days of rehearsals, for eight hours each day. Think about that on turkey day when holding the clicker in one hand and a turkey drumstick in the other.

Bravo Alley, we’ll make sure to save some leftovers.