The Vineyarders traveled to the MIAA All-State Championship in Boston last weekend, with both the boys’ and girls’ teams finishing in 12th place in the Division Two meet.


Nineteen teams per side, the top cross-country squads in the state, competed in the race. The last time both Vineyard squads traveled to All-States was in 2004.


Junior Michael Schroeder finished with the top Vineyard time, running a 17:15 to finish 49th overall. Junior Cooper Chapman turned in a 17:25, with sophomore Jeremy Alley-Tarter taking a 17:40 and Sam Oslyn (17:55), James Roddy (18:24), Job DeForest (18:30) and Kyle Joba-Woodruff (18:51) rounding out the squad.


On the girls’ side, freshman Willoe Maynard turned in an 21:00 (83rd overall), with senior Shivonne Schofield just behind with a 21:04. Sophomore Lily Neville and junior Hannah Moore finished one second apart (21:26 and 21:27, respectively), while Julia Neville (21:50), Shelby Ferry (22:16) and Lucy Norris (23:24) completed the Vineyard showing.