The paper lanterns at Menemsha Café will go dark Friday night, marking the abrupt end of the Basin Road restaurant’s short but successful run. Chef and owner Josh Aronie said he was forced to close shop after being presented with an unacceptable lease. “We’re closing because we have to, not because we’re going out of business,” he said. “This is not because of economic reasons.”

Mr. Aronie and his wife, Angela, opened Menemsha Café in 2009. Though a tiny space with limited amenities, the restaurant is credited with filling a much-needed void in the village and has gained a loyal following. Long after the seasonal sunset seekers return home, when few but fishermen remain, Mr. Aronie has served up daily breakfast and lunch sp ecials. On off-season Friday evenings the restaurant’s bright windows have doubled as a lighthouse during BYOB dinners.

“We really appreciate the loyalty and support that we’ve had from our customers,” he said.

Though his plans are uncertain, Mr. Aronie said he hopes to open a restaurant in a new location. “We’re not sure what part of the Island it will be in, but we should be there by spring.”

Menemsha Café will be open on Friday, Dec. 16, its last day, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Those in possession of outstanding gift certificates may cash them in for reimbursement, or hold onto them for use at Mr. Aronie’s new restaurant.

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