Please Adopt Us

It was the night before Christmas and all through the Shelter

Not a kitty was stirring or running helter skelter — not a peep!

You see they all knew that on Christmas Eve — all animals can speak!

Their new rocking chair (a gift from a friend), was set in its place —

They were all waiting patiently for Santa to come rock them and love them

and find them much peace.

There were Ceilia and Cyrus, our black Shelter mascots.

There were Chloe and Butter, also black with brindle spots.

There was Annabelle, who is black and white

and Agatha, who is gray and white.

(two lovely cats and very sweet)

There was Notorious, who is black — super friendly and loves getting treats.

There was Kitty Randolph, a beautiful gray striped tabby,

And there were Westie and Deacon, two handsome ginger tabbies

That is all the animals who were waiting for Santa to find them new homes.

No, wait! There was a dog named MacKenzie, a handsome Chesapeake retriever.

He is big, strong and friendly and might be a lifesaver!

So from all of us cats, kittens, dogs and puppies —

Even bunnies and guinea pigs, for young yuppies —

And to Lisa and Gordon who feed us and clean our cages.

The volunteers who love us, no matter our ages,

The friends who bring money, blankets and cheer,

We have all found our voices — loud and clear —

We wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!