We went up to our daughter Nicole’s and Anna’s sister Nina Berry’s house to celebrate Christmas. We stayed with Nina, her husband, Dieter, and their son, Nick. We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner with all of the family. We exchanged gifts and it seems like just about everyone gave Nina a set of bowls for her kitchen. She said she felt bowled over by it all. On Christmas we went to Nicole and her husband Arsen’s home and were joined with our son, Sam, who spent the holidays with his sister. Arsen’s mom, Aida, prepared a wonderful Christmas dinner for everybody. We also exchanged gifts and had a wonderful time. Things were hectic as usual but perhaps a bit more this year, as Nicole is about to give birth to their first child. Sam and I came home on Monday and Anna stayed up there with Nicole.

The year is fast sliding away and next week I will begin my 11th year of bringing you as much social news as I can find in the town each week. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have compiling it for you. I am occasionally reminded that the senior social correspondent is June Manning up in Aquinnah who really does have a vast network of resources for gathering the news.

Jane Konicki of Webster reports that her husband, Ed, removed their tree and all the decorations in and outside their home, packed them in boxes before dark on Christmas Day. They were the first couple to put up a tree the day before Thanksgiving and it stands to reason they should be the first to take it down. On the other hand, Judy Hall out in Oklahoma City reports that she will wait until Jan. 6 to have her husband, Malcolm, remove the decorations and tree.

The Mayhew clan gathered for the holidays — Sarah and Lucy from California, Caroline and Dan from Washington, D.C., and Katie Ann from SUNY Purchase in New York. Along with Jack and Betsey, John and Shirley, Deborah and Todd Follansbee, they entertained about 40 friends and neighbors with their annual oyster stew party on Christmas night. Last May Caroline Mayhew, daughter of Jack and Betsey Mayhew, and granddaughter of John and Shirley Mayhew, graduated from UCLA Law School with a law degree and a master’s degree in Native American studies. She passed the Massachusetts Bar in July, and began work in September with a Washington, D.C., law firm that deals with federal Indian law, and on Christmas morning became engaged to her longtime partner, Daniel Johnson. Congratulations!

Trina Gay of Old County Road has been staying at her house for the last month. She has enjoyed the weather, long walks and visiting with old friends. She plans to be here for an indefinite period.

Steve Lohman and his wife, Jenifer Strachan, of Waldron’s Bottom Road will be ringing in the New Year in Boston tomorrow tonight. Jenifer’s birthday is on New Year’s Eve and what better way to celebrate it than the first night parade.

Fred and Jeanne Barron report that they will be headed out to California shortly as their daughter, Julia, is expecting a baby girl in April. She and David Katz were married here three years ago.

Joan Jenkinson proudly reports that her daughter, Holly Bario, who is now copresident of production at DreamWorks pictures, sent an article showing that the movie The Help that she did with DreamWorks has been nominated for the Golden Globe awards for best picture. Also she was voted number 40 out of the 100 most powerful women in Hollywood according to an article in last week’s Hollywood Reporter. She is visiting her parents, arriving two days after Christmas with her husband, Marco, and her two children, Emma and Peter.

Warren Hollinshead of Pond View Road reports that he and his wife, Marilyn, traveled to Philadelphia for a 50th wedding anniversary of friends. Since he is an American history buff, he thoroughly enjoyed being in the city steeped in so much history. Then it was back to Boston for Christmas with daughters, Dana and Anne, and their families including four grandchildren.

Jennifer Tseng over at the library reports that the JC Trio will be playing jazz music to start off the New Year at the library today at 4 p.m. On Saturday, Jan. 7, at 4 p.m. the library will host a reception for Al Hurwitz whose work will be on display for the month of January. Also in January the library will be accepting nominations for a new poet laureate. Nomination forms will be available at the library. The appointment is made by the selectmen.

Dan Waters reports that our own Jennifer Tseng and Fanny Howe, two prize-winning poets from West Tisbury, will headline the Speakeasy Series of author talks at 5:30 pm on Wednesday at State Road restaurant,. The Speakeasys offer an unparalleled chance to mingle and speak with an author in person.

Marjorie Peirce, of the Missions Committee of the First Congregational Church reports that Community Suppers begin on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. and will continue every Wednesday through March 28, weather permitting. Please join them. For information, please call her at 508-221-0314.

On Jan. 4, 1946 the town had its first real estate transaction of the new year. Burton M. and Pauline Vincent of Merrybrook Farm Road near Look’s Pond, purchased the former James A. Mayhew house on Old County Road from Mrs. Percy Anderson of Berkley.

Happy birthday to: John Gorman, Donald Sibley, John Patterson, Max Skjoldebrand and Linda Cohen today; Mariah MacGregor, Jenifer Strachan and Elizabeth Rothwell tomorrow; Barbara Flynn, Alan Hartman, Marta Azzollini, Steve Bernier and Ashley Hunter on Sunday; Martha Sullivan, Dan Small, Nathan LeBlanc, and Dan Gaskill on Monday; Pat Vann, Chris Jones, Julia Mitchell, Elizabeth Cecil and Diana Manter on Tuesday; Karen Dumont, Erin Alwardt, Eben Armer, Volker Kaempfert and Peter Kleeman on Wednesday; Michael Goldfein, Lynn White, Roberta Kern, Fred Murphy, Barbara Bellissimo and Whit Manter on Thursday. Happy anniversary to Mike and Hermine Hull on Sunday and anniversary greetings to Akia Sharp and Wayne Miranda on Tuesday.