The folks at Cinema Circus are hosting another winter screening to be held on Saturday, Jan. 7, beginning at 5 p.m. at the Chilmark Community Center. The event includes food, activities and, of course, a series of short films. Earlier this week a screening of the films was arranged with two young Island cineastes to give the kids’-point-of-view on what’s good, great and not so much.

The review for this weekend’s kids’ movie comes from brother and sister team, Tristan and Charlotte Scott.

The Lost Thing

This movie is about things that are lost. It is a story about something that happened in a boy’s past. The boy was on a beach and he found a lost thing. He tried to find where it came from and who owned it, but he never figured that out. He found that no one owned the thing. The lost thing looked sad and lost. They became friends and the boy finally found it a place to live. The boy took it to a place that was kind of like a desert and a beach all at once. Other things that didn’t have the right look about them and were lost lived there too.

The Music Box

This movie is about a three-year old girl trying to get a music box open. She did all the things she could do. She tried to use dominoes. She made a whole sculpture. She used marbles. She tied a rope to a notch in the box and the marbles slid into a little toy bucket, and the toy bucket went down and pulled the music box open. She was really smart. She drew a plan and then did what the plan said.


This one is hysterical! It is totally hilarious. There is a cow on a stick that is attached to the roof of a house. It’s a mobile. There are other animals on the mobile. The cow is lonely. He is the only one on his side. He sees a mouse on the other side. He likes the mouse better than all the other animals. He wants to get the mouse over to his side. He is the heaviest one on the mobile, so when he jumps all the other animals flop. The strings start breaking and the other animals fall. The mouse and the cow fall into the middle and the other animals fall on the right side and the left side. The cow is finally happy.

Brunswick Browns

This movie is about chickens and the family who loves them. The girl in the family collects and feeds them scraps. The family doesn’t waste their eggs or their scraps. The chickens like compost and they poop a lot. It’s like a cycle because it goes over and over again. The movie is from Australia. Instead of saying “bock bock” to their chickens, they say “chook chook.” We like this one because we have chickens, but we kind of already know everything about taking care of them.

KJFG No. 5

This one is really funny. It’s a movie about music. There is a bear, a wolf and a rabbit. They are playing music in the woods with homemade instruments. The rabbit is hitting his feet and his head on a log to make sounds. The bear is playing something like a cello. His instrument is bigger than the rabbit’s. The wolf is howling along. His part is funny because he messes up. The hunter and his dog come upon them, so the animals hide. The rabbit tries to hide behind a tree like the other animals, but he doesn’t actually find a tree to hide behind. The hunter doesn’t notice, so they are all safe!

Who’s There

This film is about two kids who hatch from eggs and have to find their way through the forest. They find a wolf there and they need to get past him. They build a house to stay safe from the wolf. They get into a fight and make their houses separate. The dog comes into the house and they think it is the wolf. The house falls apart and then turns back into the original house. Then they realize it was just the dog. The little boys say, “If this is a wolf, then I’m a duck.”

Murphy’s Shorts

This one is kind of funny and short. A little boy named Murphy is about to jump off a diving board. He is a little scared. He jumps and jumps and jumps again. He slips off the diving board. His goggles fall off his face, but he catches them in midair. Then he lands in the water and his shorts fall off. A bird finds them and makes a nest out of them. Wait for that part, because it’s at the very end.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

This is a movie about a book by Mo Willems that we love. There is a pigeon who really wants to drive a bus. The bus driver doesn’t want the pigeon to drive the bus. The pigeon begs, lies and tries to bribe the kids who get to decide. He even says, “I bet your mother would let me!” He never gets to drive it, but that’s ok, because he can’t reach the steering wheel and he probably can’t even turn it on because the bus driver has the key.